Never Have I Ever

Have you ever tried to play the game called Never Have I Ever during your random drinking session with your friends on a boring weekend night? The rule is simple though, prepare your vodka and beer because you might just take that shot.

I had my shot in living a life away from my own comfort zone. I felt so different right now compared to the way my mind and soul function a couple of weeks ago. I guess it was the break my soul needs. Now, let me play my Never Have I ever game… 

The rule of the game started with the players getting into a circle and all you need to say is Never Have I Ever wherein anyone who experienced it must drink. 

  • Never have I ever been to Manila alone at night.
  • Never have I ever eaten a Whooper inside Burger King.
  • Never have I ever ride an Uber pool taxi.
  • Never have I ever stayed in a shared hotel room.
  • Never have I ever eaten a complimentary restaurant breakfast alone.
  • Never have I ever shared an Uber ride with a guy named Leonard.
  • Never have I ever been to Uptown Mall in BGC.

    • Never have I ever been convinced to buy an anti-aging cream that is worth more than 8k.
    • Never have I ever watch a movie in Manila.

      • Never have I ever been in love with Beauty and the Beast.
      • Never have I ever use Google maps for directions.
      • Never have I ever been to The Palace Pool Club.

        • Never have I ever stroll around the busy Streets of Bonifacio Global City.

          • Never have I ever been to Art Bar in BGC.

            • Never have I ever been to Market Market.
            • Never have I ever been to SM Aura Premiere.

              • Never have I ever been to SM Mall of Asia.
              • Never have I ever talked to a cab driver on how he learned to speak English even if he’s educational attainment is an elementary undergraduate.
              • Never have I ever talked to a Chinese inside an Uber pool taxi.
              • Never have I ever travel alone for 4 days in Luzon.
              • Never have I ever travel with a group​ of strangers.

              • Never have I ever been to Quezon Province and Masbate.

              • Never have I ever experienced traveling against big waves.
              • Never have I ever been to an island alone.
              • Never have I ever been to 5 beautiful islands in just 2 days.
              • Never have I ever sleep without showering and peeing just because it costs too much for a gallon of water.

                • Never have I ever appreciated the simple life since time immemorial.

                • Never have I ever had serious life talks with random strangers turned to friends.
                • Never have I ever watch a sky full of stars.
                • Never have I ever experienced paying a random person to charge my phone and power bank.
                • Never have I ever done something crazy such as cliff jumping.

                • Never have I ever been to a sandbar that is so beautiful surrounded by clear waters.

                  • Never have I ever felt so free and empowered.

                  • Never have I ever been lost in EDSA.
                  • Never have I ever been inside a sleep capsule. 

                  • Never have I ever listen to someone talking and just hearing his thoughts.
                  • Never have I ever been to Army Navy in NAIA.
                  • Never have I ever help a stranger connect to WiFi and see in her eyes how happy she is because she’s now able to contact her loved ones in Zamboanga.
                  • Never have I ever thought that bad ideas can actually produce great memories. 

                    Solitude taught me how to live my life with a sheer appreciation of who I am.  For years I always seek to know more about myself in order to live a life of purpose. I am self-sufficient with an in depth knowledge of my advantages and frailties. Last weekend I did some recalibration not that I don’t do it when I’m lost but it felt so necessary while I’m traveling. A lot of realizations came into my mind and it was an eye opener. It’s about time for me to set some deadlines.  I cannot afford to waste my life waiting and be hopeful for nothing. I cannot live my life forever in a corner with my demons lurking. I cannot live my life without enjoying this beautiful fleeting moments. Even if some circumstances and people are exasperating and making me lose my faith in humanity, I wanted to be the difference. My purpose is to make my stay worthwhile by helping others and making those who’ve lost their faith suddenly feel the hope the humanity needs.

                    One wise friend once told me to try something out just to know if it is for you.

                    Have you tried something you’re afraid of for the first time? I guess it’s about time you play the never have I ever game and see how it’ll change your life for good.

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                    2016 : In Text and Photos

                    The year that was and the year that will be…

                    2016 is not the best year but it’s a year full of new beginnings and bittersweet endings. I’ve written my frustrations and unanswered prayers in my previous blog posts and I won’t rehash it anymore.

                    December of last year, I decided not to expect much on what 2016 can actually bring into my life. I promised myself to be more open-minded and just let life happen.

                    I made 2016 my travel year and indeed I got what I wanted — memories and experiences that made me realized how beautiful life can actually be. I went to places I’ve never been to and created new memories from the places I’ve been to before.

                    In 2017, I want a monthly travel plan like what I tried to achieve last year.


                    • Iloilo City day trip


                    •  Church, Cebu
                    • Cagayan de Oro 
                    • Bukidnon
                    • Misamis Oriental 


                    • Boracay Island


                    • Bantayan Island,Cebu


                    • Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
                    • Patapat Viaduct
                    • Pagudpud
                    • Laoag
                    • Vigan 
                    • Cordillera 
                    • Baguio City
                    • Tagaytay 


                    • La Carlota City


                    • Puka Beach, Boracay 


                    • Gary’s Punong, Silay City
                    • Dumaguete City


                    • Don Salvador Benedicto 

                    Oh… the places I will go!

                    2016 taught me to embrace change and I had a surprise of my life when I got transferred to another program. It was one hell of an emotional rollercoaster but I’m glad that I was able to adjust. New team and new colleagues, I’m back to where I’ve started and it’s starting to feel like home.

                    I failed my 2016 goal but being top team for FCR last Q3 is not bad. A reminder that I don’t totally get what I usually want, TOP TEAM.  I remembered how my ASNP life was, great times with lots of achievements and recognitions. Oh well, I guess I’m simply glad that I met new bunch of people who became a great part of my 2016. 

                    I got new set of friends this year but still having great times with the old ones.

                    I’ve been to a lot of events for the first time.

                    • Lights of Bago 2016
                    • Boom: Music fest 
                    • Boyce Avenue Concert
                    • Tito Nonoy’s wake
                    • RTNHS alumni homecoming 
                    • Laboracay 2016
                    • Site Recognitions 
                    • Birthday Parties 
                    • Give a Bag of Hope 2
                    • Masskara Festival 
                    • Random meet ups and get together
                    • Empire : CVG Christmas Party 
                    • HSD Gift Giving 

                      It’s my first to open a passbook savings account and bought an insurance for myself. This is to ensure my future and be financially independent moving forward.

                      Now, despite me going to the gym for the first time last October to be stronger and to shed off some excess fats I still cannot help but indulge myself to new restaurants and café.

                      Top 10 favorite places to dine and chill

                      • Starbucks
                      • Vikings
                      • Merkado 
                      • Miren Café 
                      • Manhattan’s Fleet Gastropub
                      • Bob’s Café
                      • Delicioso 
                      • Bascon Café 
                      • Calea 
                      • Cantina Mondo 

                      Food trippin’

                      I am a food junkie who loves to eat and chill.

                      Coffee and Alcohol 

                      always been my refuge since my mind and heart usually have irreconcilable differences. 

                      And vanity continues this 2017…

                      9 Best Selfie moments!!! 😂

                      Ain’t tired of my face… thank God for the gift of youthfulness. 😂

                      I let God take the driver’s seat. I won’t push him anymore to grant my heart’s desires for I know that all good things come to those who wait. I won’t sulk for all the unanswered prayers. I won’t punish myself for the mistakes I did. I won’t live my life with regrets. I will stop holding on to people who doesn’t take an extra mile to be there for me and to show how important I am. I will not settle for less than I deserve just because I don’t have an option. I will stop having too much faith in humanity for it’ll just be another disappointing memory to bear. I will keep on controlling the beast in me because I know how asshole I can be. I should know better and be the bigger person no matter what. I won’t let my anger control me because it’ll end up with something I’ll just regret. I hope I’ll still be more motivated to write and let people know my other side. I hope to inspire others through my words and lastly, I hope to find the incomplete pieces of my life’s puzzle. The blank spaces haunt me, wanting to be filled soon.

                      I don’t expect much for 2017. I’ll just embrace it as it unfolds another chapter of my life. Whatever happens whether it’ll turn out to be great or not I know for sure that it will make me a better person. I know I’ll be frustrated again, probably shed buckets of tears or worst encounter another heartbreaking moment. I’ll take whatever God’s challenge will be, as if I have a better choice. Anyways, I choose to chill and I will keep on choosing things and people that will make me happy. Life’s short as they say so why choose to suffer?

                       Live and let go for life is meant to be experienced and discovered. Hey 2017, what’s up? I’m definitely ready for you.


                      Carol  😘



                      Laboracay: Unleashed.

                      Technology failed and deleted all I’ve blogged about Laboracay!!! Fudge!

                      Let me do it all over again. Oh well.

                      Laboracay is a series of events that happen during Labor Day weekend in Boracay island. Highlights happen on weekend and there’s a lot of things to do and enjoy aside from raving the night away. Well, Laboracay is every partyphiles haven for there’s a lot of parties to choose from.

                      Boracay island is my paradise as it suits my personality too well. It feeds my extrovert side its need to party the night away and meet people and at the same time gives me the space to be alone and enjoy its magnificent clear waters. I thank Mother Nature for its sheer beauty and indeed this is one summer to remember. This vacation is what I really need — A BREAK. I don’t want to sound too selfish but I’m getting tired of my work and caring for my aging mother that I just want to escape for a bit and let life happen. Let me rehash again my short stay in paradise and I hope you’ll be inspired and decide not to waste your life by just working. Life’s too short, enjoy!

                      Day 1: Arrival

                      After work, I went straight to Bacolod wharf. There’s a lot of ways to reach Boracay from Bacolod and we decided to go on a land trip via Bacolod – Iloilo – Caticlan route. Fare from Bacolod to Iloilo via Weesam Express costs 245php for Tourist class. I can’t help but daydream the beautiful island I’m bound for.


                      After an hour travel, we rode a van going to Caticlan for 400php.


                      We had several stop overs causing the 4.5 hour trip to 5.5 hours. I was dead tired and hungry.


                      We arrived in Caticlan around 4pm. You need to pay 25php for the boat fare to reach the island plus the 100php terminal fee and 75php environmental fee. Upon reaching the island there are trikes available for you to rent.


                      We stayed in YCL hotel located in the main road. I freshen up and decided to catch the sun before it sets.



                      After strolling White Beach, we decided to go to D’Mall and find a good place to feed our famished selves. We had dinner at Smokes and enjoyed their Fish Curry and Stuffed Squid at 160php. It was worth it and tastes good. We then decided to go back to the hotel and rest before we start partying. We even watched James Reid and Nadine Lustre’s Talk Back and You’re Dead movie in Cinema One.


                      We went straight to Solar One Solarized Party because most people are there that night. Our first choice was actually Epic but there’s only few people inside probably because the night is still young.



                      The crowd suddenly gets rowdy so we decided to hit Club Summerplace where there’s a White Party and Magic DJs hitting the turntables.



                      We head off to Epic after midnight and there’s a lot of people raving this time.


                      We went home past 3am bought water and food at Mini-Stop. It was really a fun night. Our hotel room neighbor even said “take a good night rest”. I think he’s drunk and I got to admit he was hot. 😂

                      Day 2: MNL Hostel

                      We woke up around 8am and ate our complimentary breakfast at Charlie’s our hotel’s restaurant. We choose American style breakfast to feed our hungry souls before we decide to hit White Beach and swim.



                      Before checking out we decided to swim and enjoy Boracay’s blue waters.





                      We need to transfer hotel because YCL is already fully booked for the weekend. We then transferred to MNL hostel situated near Bulabog Beach which is approximately 10 minutes away from White Beach. We stayed in a 6-bunk bed dormitory room with common shower and comfort room. I am not used to live with strangers but I gave it a shot for experience purposes but after what I went through I decided not to stay in hostels with strangers moving forward. MNL is actually a good place to stay.


                      Rooftop deck is so chill.





                      I got no choice but stayed on the second level bunk bed. I liked it in a way because I got privacy.


                      After lunch we decided to stroll White Beach and meet some friends in Sur Resort where Summer Hangover party is about to start.





                      My mandatory island selfie. 😂😂😂

                      Happy hour started at 2pm and of course it’s Blue Hawaiian time!




                      After happy hour we decided to eat at TGI Fridays and indulge ourselves with Pork Liempo and Chicken Bites while watching the sun as it slowly sets. I must say Boracay is one island that makes the sun so beautiful as it slowly bids goodbye to the horizon.


                      After early dinner we decided to freshen up and hit various parties again. I actually sleep while my other friends are partying because I’m dead tired with all the walking but of course I didn’t miss the party. I woke up 11pm after 3-hour sleep and went to Epic to party!




                      Some friends are already tipsy so they decided to go home around 3am while me and my friend decided to enjoy the beach at around 5am and let the sound of the waves cure our grogginess.




                      We had breakfast at McDonald’s and I still didn’t go home yet. I went to Bulabog Beach to catch the sun as it rises and thank God for this trip.




                      Day 3: Party. Party. Party!

                      I woke up around noon and decided to eat somewhere near and swim again. We need to make most of our trip. We had lunch at Shakey’s and had their combo platter. Yes, carbo loading at its best.


                      After meal, we decided to enjoy the beach again and waited for the sun to set.



                      Bora boys fashion statement be like… sando shirt at the back.


                      After swimming we chilled at Jonah’s and enjoyed their banana-choco shake for 140php. It’s so worth it. We also witnessed an engagement proposal.


                      We head home to unwind for a bit and get ready for another round of partying. Luck played its toll on us when the transformer suddenly sparked probably due to the heat. I was inside the shower when my friend rushed in telling me that there’s an explosion outside. I was horrified because I thought the hostel is already on fire especially that we are advised to vacate our rooms asap. I am drenched and I can even smell the conditioner on my hair. I even jumped from my bed due to adrenaline kick.

                      It was so crazy, I am party enraged and anxious all at the same time.

                      Fire’s out and we’re back in our rooms dumbfounded on what just happened but indeed grateful that no one was harmed. We head back to Sur and enjoy the night away.

                      We were sad as we’re not able to party at Zoukout. It was one of our regrets and vowed not to miss it next year.

                      Day 4: Separation Anxiety


                      Boracay is such a beautiful place. I am so inlove. It’s breathtaking views and blue waters, the sunset, the food, the night life and the people are just one of the few that made my stay memorable. I am blessed to have this life and it made me realized that I’m more into writing, blogging my thoughts and capturing the world’s beauty through photography.

                      I spent my morning reflecting for minutes if this is indeed the life I deserve. I enjoyed feeling the powdery sand on my feet.



                      Separation anxiety hits me so bad. There’s too much to love in this island aside from its pristine waters and scenic views.


                      Laboracay is not what others think it is. It’s more than wild parties, booze, drugs, trash and one night stand. I am a witness of how wild the crowd can be but if you are in for clean fun and knows your limits you’ll definitely enjoy and not regret anything. Self-control is necessary if you don’t want to screw yourself for the rest of your life. What happens in Boracay should not just stay in Boracay. It is meant to be preach and let others die with envy that for once in our life you need to feel the beat of the music, let loose and enjoy. Life is too short for you to waste, LIVE.

                      I am a chill kid, I rather be poor than be rich without a good story to tell. I am freedom and madness, a mixture of peace and chaos!

                      Until the next Laboracay experience…

                      … countdown begins now. 😘

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                      Simala Church: Wishes Do Come True

                      “Have you ever thought of someone like you’ve never thought of someone before?

                      During my recent trip, I decided to actually find myself and get connected on what my inner voice is saying.  I’ve been blinded for quite some time trying to push on some things that are not even working out and I’m talking not just about relationships but career as well. I’ve been out of tune for quite some time and still in search of life’s great meaning. So I went to Simala Church, one of the most miraculous churches in the country wherein most of those who believe got their wishes come true. I must say that I’m not really a devotee nor religious. I can describe myself as someone who believes in a Supreme Being but not a total fan of Christian traditions. I don’t even read all chapters in the bible. I just believe in God and in goodness to others. To cut the long story short, I decided to take my chances in Simala. I need divine intervention to sort my chaotic life. I know I needed this trip.


                      Last March 12, I flew to Cebu and rushed to the South Cebu Terminal to catch the bus going to Sibonga where Simala Shrine is located.  Fare costs at around P63 if I recall it perfectly for an air-conditioned bus. It’s a 2-hour and a half trip where I get the chance to use Google maps for the first time. I am a bit alarmed since the church is only open until 6pm and I was on the bus at 3pm due to heavy traffic from Mactan Airport to the bus terminal.

                      I am glad that I was able to arrived in the nick of time. Habal habals are available on the main road and they’ll be the ones to take you to the shrine for 20 pesos. It was a perfect time for me to contemplate especially that the shrine is so beautiful at dusk.




                      I lit my colored candles for a specific purpose and prayed.


                      I lit 5 candles because I know I needed it.

                      Black ( for souls ):  My uncle recently died during my mom’s birthday and I am surprised at the same time saddened of his death.  He is really funny and very nice to me. I love him so much.


                      I also prayed for my other uncle who died last November. I asked for forgiveness since I was not able to provide him all he wants. I am still starting to save up for my future and been into a lot of financial problems due to family matters that I need to resolve.

                      Green (prosperity ):  I wanted to be financially stable and start to work on my future. I know I needed this to provide my family’s wants.

                      Gold (health): I prayed for my mom’s health to be better as I want her to still see her future grandchild. I must admit I’m not into getting married as of the moment but I wanted my mom to at least be able to see me stable and raise a family I can call my own.

                      White ( Guidance ): My life seems to be pointing nowhere and until now I don’t know how to deal with it. I’m starting to give up and surrender the steering wheel to God for I am headed into damnation. It’s been like this for years already.

                      Red ( Love ) : Being single starts to be uncomfortable at this age. I’m starting to question my own worth, my personality and the likes. It’s exasperating to keep on thinking what I need to change in order to attract someone. I’ve keep on praying and wishing that someone will see me more than a friend but God keeps on denying those prayers. It’s been years full of false hopes but still nothing. I start asking myself why, why am I not worth the words?  Am I not good enough?  The belief I have on myself has been clouded with uncertainties. I questioned my being. I started to feel the blues plus the fear of growing up alone. I decided to surrender this time, to lay my hopes unto God’s feet and let him decide on what’s best for me. I prayed to find him, the one who’ll make me believe that it’s okay to love and be love.


                      It is one perfect view to indulge into while my thoughts drift into nothingness. Various thoughts were clouding my mind and I just let it happen, I let those thoughts overflow because I know it’s my needed break.

                      Travelling back to Cebu City made me feel fulfilled because I was able to go to Simala alone. It’s true that in order for us to connect we must disconnect for the mean time.


                      Travelling alone gives you the chance to know more about yourself, it makes you feel so independent and brave. It’s a tough act to follow and I want to experience it all over again. I never trusted myself that much for quite some time due to fear that I might get lost.


                      It’s a chaotic world we got here and I realized that I should slow down and feel all the adventures as well as my misadventures. I should be positive and trust God for he knows what is best for me.

                      For now, I give up. I’ll let him take the lead.


                      I never thought of someone as much as I’ve thought of someone right now. Is he the one?  I hope so.

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                      Bantayan Island: Not Your Ordinary Paradise


                      Chill Rating: ☺☺☺☺☺

                      One of the best weekend spent on the beach with friends. It’s so nice to finally commune in nature after some tiring week of school and work related stress. It has been my lifelong dream to travel and write about the world we are currently in. I must admit I am not really a writer, I am just a blogger who writes from her soul. This will be one of my few summer adventures that I will be blogging just because this place is really worth every single share. Bantayan Island is located west of the northernmost part of Cebu province. It’s actually one of the largest in the whole Bantayan Island Group which is composed of not more than 20 islands. Most tourists visit the island during Holy Week because it is the island’s fiesta. Party goers from all walks of life are enjoying the scenic view, eat, drink and definitely be merry! I love partying but since I am an ambivert ( partly extrovert, partly introvert) Bantayan is the best place for solitude so I rather choose Boracay for the party scene and let Bantayan be Bantayan — I want to savor its serenity and wander around when there’s a lesser crowd. Now, enough of my introduction and let’s start rehashing my less than 24 hours stay in the beautiful paradise that made me realized that life is too short to waste  in worries. I remembered swimming under the stars and the full moon. It was so blissful and should I say solitude at its finest. Thank you Lord for the needed break. I finally have unwind from all the hustles and bustles of my city life. I could not thank you enough for the beautiful weather and clear skies that night. I am in one with your creation and it has been an awesome experience . It actually reminded me that you exist and that you’ll always be there watching us no matter what.

                      And again, to cut the drama short… let’s start talking about Bantayan Island — such a beautiful place to wander.


                      I left home at around 6:00 am and took the 6:50 bus to Cadiz for 95 pesos. When you reached the terminal, there will be trike drivers who will offer to bring you to the port where the fast craft is. It depends on the number of people so I suggest go in groups so that you’ll pay only 20 – 25 pesos from Cadiz terminal to its port. For 290 pesos, you’ll be able to reach Bantayan Island in 3 hours depending on the weather. Make sure you reached the port before 9:00 am or else, you’ll wait for tomorrow because there’s only one trip each day.


                      Bantayan Island is 4 hours away from Bacolod and most of the travel time is spent on the sea. Nevertheless, the place is really worth the time spent waiting. After we reached Bantayan Port, we went to Grez Bell, a restaurant nearby which offers delicious and mouth watering delicacies. Since everyone is so busy with regard to the Pacman and Mayweather fight, we waited for almost an hour but again, it’s worth it. I ordered chicken curry and I swear I love it. My friends ordered steamed veggies and sizzling squid.




                      After our oh so fully loaded meal — we are off to see more of the sun, sand and definitely the BEACH!!! Oh yeah! But first we roam around the municipality’s market to check out some goodies. It’s nice and very affordable.


                      You need to ride a trike for 25 pesos in order to reach the beach resorts in Sta. Fe which is a 15 – 20 minute ride from the wharf.


                      Most of my travel time was spent on daydreaming the white beaches and cloud watching.


                      cloud watching to budyong

                      There are several beach front resorts you can choose from when you reach Bantayan Island. Prices of these resorts range as little as P1,500 to P5,000 per night. Finally, we’re in Budyong Beach Resort! Budyong Beach Resort is one of the most affordable resort in Bantayan Island. It is a nicec place to stay if you are into a great beach experience with your family and friends. The resort takes pride of its location and staff that are very helpful and accomodating. They are recommending activities that make your stay in the island very worthwhile and that includes tricycle transfers, boat and bike rentals. It’s one of the choices when you want a beach resort with powdery white sands and beachfront cottages that offers the best view of the sea. Swimming in front of the resort is also good because the water is clean,cool and no big rocks that can hurt your feet whether it’s high tide or low tide. The place is so serene and calm, just the perfect place for you to destress and unwind. I will surely recommend the resort to my friends.

                      Budyong Beach Resort Website:

                      For reservations and inquiries, please feel free to reach them thru the following: 

                      Phone : (032) 438-9285
                      Mobile : 09213145275
                      Email :

                      1-budyong name

                      Best place to stay with family or friends and just commune with nature.

                      chill place w friends

                      We stayed in a fan room worth 1300 pesos which is already good for 4 persons and the only room available that day.


                      Front Desk


                      Time to feel the island vibe first before we start the fun… fresh green mango shake from Budyong’s Restaurant! It is so refreshing — definitely a must try.

                      quench it


                      More pictures of Budyong Beach Resort hoping it will entice you too to stay there… 🙂















                      It was such a beautiful place to stay. Late in the afternoon after we’ve settled down, we decided to go island hopping, snorkeling and swimming. It was an amazing experience unfortunately I don’t have a watercam or GoPro to capture the corals and fishes that I’ve seen as well as the beautiful full moon that really capped of my stay. It was a one of a kind experience — my Bantayan Universe experience.

                      1-lifevesthopping2 hopping3 snorkel sun snorkel time 2 snorkel time

                      The moon that is so full and BEAUTIFUL! The best island experience.


                      I am such a speed fan and it’s nice to be reunited with an old love. Happiness on wheels and brakes, I am swooned and so excited to test my biking skills after all these years.


                      And just what I’ve thought… I still got the skills. I feel so alive and happy. It’s me and my bike to places I’ve never been. Thank you Bantayan Island for making me feel like a kid again. I owe you such a memorable experience. Thank you Lord for keeping me safe too. 🙂

                      After the island hopping adventures, we were super hungry. We rented bikes and pedalled our way to the most recommended restaurant of the locals — HR Restaurant. Time to fill the growling stomach with sumptous delicacies. Gambas! Chicken! Sinigang! Halo-Halo! Yahoooooo!






                      The bar is actually so chill but I decided to be sober that day. I swear I’ll drink on my next visit.


                       And my friends went to buy something as souvenirs while I am biking all over the various blocks.


                      Time to swim under the moon and the stars. I will just close my eyes and rekindle the most beautiful memory. Solitude at its finest. I was just there lying on the sand under the infinite stars watching the clouds clear up to give way to the moon. Definitely a-MAY-zing! 🙂

                      I woke up early to catch the breaking dawn and I was not able to miss it. I was there watching the sun as it totally breaks free.

                      1-walk5 1-sunup

                      Now, time for my usual beach routine — a walk in the beach, alone. There is really something about solitude that makes me feel alive. I know I am weird but I guess I am used to that alone but never lonely feeling. I got God watching me and I am watching his creations. Every beach trip is always an experience I cherished. I captured some of the sights I saw while walking the long stretch of white sand.

                      1-sunrise 1-walk 1-walk2















                      clear waters

                      After some walking, time for some biking before we go home.

                      1-ike8 1-bike7 1-bike6




                      Saying goodbye was a little bit hard but the experience is fulfilling. I think I left a piece of my heart to the island that fueled my artistic side. I can now write my thoughts and emotions again. I must say — I was so happy in less than 24 hours and I will definitely come back soon.


                      Goodbye island life, until we meet again.

                      clear waters


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                      Breathtaking View : Tinagong Dagat, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

                      Chill Rating : ☺☺☺☻☻

                      Place : Tinagong Dagat, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental — 5 hours travel from Bacolod if you ride a bus. It’s better if you have your own SUV so that you’ll have time to stop over in Cauayan and in other parts of Sipalay to have your picture taken. The view is really nice. They used to call it La Isla Bonita but it’s now actually known as Tinagong Dagat. The place is also few minutes away from Sipalay’s private beach resorts and diving centers.Image

                      Highlights of the Place :

                      • Breathtaking view
                      • Clean hotel rooms
                      • Exclusive use of the swimming pool for guests
                      • Hot or cold shower

                      Low lights:

                      • No Wi-fi access (I almost die! lol)
                      • Poor customer service
                      • Limited cable TV channels
                      • No electricity on the other side of the islets


                      • Heater on all rooms
                      • Kayaking or boating around the islet
                      • Develop the whole islet to attract more tourists
                      • Accommodating staffs that cater on needs of the guests promptly


                      The rooms are affordable ranging from 1200php – 1650php. I can say, it’s clean and offers a good view, overlooking the sea and the islets. The room that we got is good for 4 – 6 persons.


                      The room is spacious that even 10 -12 people can fit in it.

                      I must say, one thing I loved the most about the place aside from the breathtaking view is the bridge connecting the two islets. I really find it romantic as well at night if there are colored bulbs swinging on the bridge just like in the movies and it’s also a perfect aisle for weddings — yeah I’m imagining wedding stuffs again. It sucks, I really want to be a wedding planner. Anyways, the bridge reminds me of kids who wants to cool off the summer heat. They’ll just jump into the waters not caring at all. I wished I was able to jump into the clear waters, the only problem was that it was low tide when we came and when the tide was up, I’m all dressed up to go home  (Oh well). During high tide, the pool on the other side of the islet seems to be an infinity pool. It’s really scenic as it overlooks the open sea.


                      The swimming pool besides the Resort’s bar is exclusive for guests use only. I think we spent most of our time swimming here.


                      I am a sucker for sunset and cloud shots. During low tide, I walked a few meters away from the resort hoping to capture the sunset on cam but unfortunately the rain stopped me from my ultimate plan. I was drenched and sad because I was not able to capture it due to cumulus – nimbus clouds hovering the skies. Oh well, not my lucky day but still I enjoyed cloud watching though.


                      I live to chill and wander to places I’ve never been to. I must say, Sipalay is the best place to unwind and destress your mind. People need a vacation to recharge and be in one with ourselves again. Who wouldn’t spend a quiet time in the afternoon enjoying the clear waters?


                      Again, who wouldn’t?


                      I’m so excited to go back to Sipalay next summer. 🙂

                      PS: Room rates as of September 2014

                      Good for 4
                      Extra bed: 200/head
                      Can accomodate 9/7/5 persons respectively.

                      Contact Information: 09209022300 and look for Ms. Dahlia.

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                      09/15 – Day 297: Beach Dreams

                      We always have that dream vacation in mind that inspires us to survive each day knowing that one day we’ll chill and unwind to the place that will energize our mind, body and soul. Despite the climate change and all of the crazy weather we are currently having, I still daydream the sound of the waves, the beautiful sun that shines, the blue beach waiting for the sound of my body as it splashes it’s way to happiness and the sand wherein I can run and run until my muscles burn.

                      I am daydreaming the beach — solo.

                      What if I start to daydream that I’m with someone?

                      We can walk and talk about everything and anything. Complain about the scorching heat of the sun while making sand castles, write our names and dreams on sand and let the waves take all of it away and lastly watch in silence the sheer beauty of the salmon sky and sun as it sets.

                      Maybe just maybe I’ll start to change my perspective in life. I guess I’ll never be alone forever. Ha!

                      Now I’m getting too melodramatic.

                      Anyways, dream… dream the places you would like to visit and be inspired to work your way to happiness. 🙂

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                      09/07 – Day 289: On Sand, Booze and Fake Tattoos

                      Boracay — Enuf said.
                      A friend told me lately if we can go back this October to summer paradise and chill again just like the old times. Suddenly I can’t help my mind to stop reminiscing those good memories we had on the beach.

                      All those crazy card games, our wholesome drinking sessions, Marc Nelson — Boracay’s resident tourist spot (lol), solo moments while watching the beautiful sun as it sets and also the series of laugh trips plus the most stressful lunch I had, now those were my epic moments in paradise. The big catch? I got to spend it with my college yearbook friends and still my friends after 2 years. I don’t want to go back to Boracay anymore if they’re not the ones that I’ll be with though. I’ll just end up comparing the memories. Oh well, hoping for another summer blast soon!

                      Summer of 2010 — relived.