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09/15 – Day 297: Beach Dreams

We always have that dream vacation in mind that inspires us to survive each day knowing that one day we’ll chill and unwind to the place that will energize our mind, body and soul. Despite the climate change and all of the crazy weather we are currently having, I still daydream the sound of the waves, the beautiful sun that shines, the blue beach waiting for the sound of my body as it splashes it’s way to happiness and the sand wherein I can run and run until my muscles burn.

I am daydreaming the beach — solo.

What if I start to daydream that I’m with someone?

We can walk and talk about everything and anything. Complain about the scorching heat of the sun while making sand castles, write our names and dreams on sand and let the waves take all of it away and lastly watch in silence the sheer beauty of the salmon sky and sun as it sets.

Maybe just maybe I’ll start to change my perspective in life. I guess I’ll never be alone forever. Ha!

Now I’m getting too melodramatic.

Anyways, dream… dream the places you would like to visit and be inspired to work your way to happiness. πŸ™‚

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09/07 – Day 289: On Sand, Booze and Fake Tattoos

Boracay — Enuf said.
A friend told me lately if we can go back this October to summer paradise and chill again just like the old times. Suddenly I can’t help my mind to stop reminiscing those good memories we had on the beach.

All those crazy card games, our wholesome drinking sessions, Marc Nelson — Boracay’s resident tourist spot (lol), solo moments while watching the beautiful sun as it sets and also the series of laugh trips plus the most stressful lunch I had, now those were my epic moments in paradise. The big catch? I got to spend it with my college yearbook friends and still my friends after 2 years. I don’t want to go back to Boracay anymore if they’re not the ones that I’ll be with though. I’ll just end up comparing the memories. Oh well, hoping for another summer blast soon!

Summer of 2010 — relived.

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03/14 – Day 112: Picture of a Beautiful Sunset

Since we have this rule: “No electronic devices on the production floor” I was not able to capture that beautiful and melodramatic sunset so better draw it instead. It is not as beautiful as the real one but c’mon somehow it looks like it just use your awesome imagination. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, that beautiful sunset reminds me of all the awesome things that have happened in my life for the past 22 years. I surely want to visit the beach. Run on the sands and feel the sea breeze whipping my hair will surely set me on the mood to be happy. I am happy to be free, free from the hustles and bustles of work and the monotony of my daily life in the city. Being happy is a mindset, I can be happy with what I am doing today because it is my choice but the happiness travelling gives me is really beyond the happiness I feel in casual days. I am born under the fire signs and that only means I am always up for adventure. My burning desire to explore, to live freely and dare to live life to the edge is unstoppable. It fuels my creative mind to work and think as sane as possible. An adventure can help me learn more about myself, discover my potentials and also make me decide on what will be the best next step to do especially if I have plans that bother me.

All I want is a beach trip this summer… may be alone or with friends. I just want to meet the sun, the sand and the beach again. πŸ™‚