10/22 – Day 334: Masskara Fever 2012

Bacolod Masskara!

Bacolod the City of Smiles!

… and it’s time to wear those masks and celebrate the Negrense’s most celebrated festival every October. This year, I had the chance to walked with my friends and enjoy the night away at Lacson Street, the famous street in Negros.

Masskara Festival is Bacolod’s version of Mardi Gras.

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06/12 – Day 202: Independence Day

It’s Philippine Independence Day! In tagalog, it is called “Araw ng Kasarinlan“. It is a bit disappointing that some Filipinos no longer put the Philippine flag in their homes to commemorate it. Nevertheless, our country is not hopeless and that we have all the potentials to be a great nation. I am still proud of being a Filipino despite the intrigues that our country is facing. Ipinagmamalaki ko na ako’y isang Pilipino at ipinagmamalaki ko ang bansang Pilipinas dahil ito ang bansang sinilangan ko. ๐Ÿ™‚


12/20 – Day 27: Almost Complete Collection

Oh so it is Sam Milby!

I really love Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Cosmo is the upgraded version of my then favorite – Candy Magazine. I guess it suits my age this time as of course I am still young but no longer a teen. The articles are inspiring and helps you in releasing the fun and fearless woman within you. Every month, you look forward on what fab find the magazine has to offer.

Summit Media provides people the best companion. You can definitely have a magazine that will suit your personality and lifestyle. 2012 is fast approaching and I wonder who will be the next mystery guy.