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01/28 – Day 66: Rainbow

On rainbows and daydreams…

After my shift yesterday, I was greeted by a very long and beautiful rainbow painted in the sky just after the sun is about to set. It served as a good sign though. After 3 long months working in the morning shift, here comes Sunday wherein our shift starts at night. I don’t know if I am really super happy or sad but all I can say that it is indeed bittersweet.

I don’t have problems adjusting as I am really a nocturnal person. This past few months, I learn to love mornings and being normal. I go home just like other people who works in government agencies and feel like a student who can still have time for chilling after a long day. Those were the times I appreciate my life more in a different light.

Today, with a lot of plans in mind – I will just try to lived by the moment and appreciate anything. I will surely missed the sun as it sets. Since camera is not really allowed in our production floor, I was not able to capture any sky and sun drama during dusk. I will surely miss the cozy life in the morning shift where you have a lot of time walking, talking and do lots of stuff. You don’t need to worry if other people will logged you off your station just because it is hot seating and they also need stations that can sometimes be start of a heated argument. Oh well, that is life in a call center.

This picture made me smile. Life is good and indeed awesome!
Good bye Mr. Sun! Hello Mr. Moon… πŸ™‚