03/31 – Day 129: Earth Hour

Earth Hour.

I went out with my Red Cross friends and after that we tried to watched the Earth Hour event outside SM City Bacolod. I remembered that back in college I always participate in Earth Hour by switching off our lights at home between 8:30pm – 9:30pm. Every little thing counts and by switching off the lights we can help not just save electricity but by helping the world minimize its carbon footprints that is very harmful to us. We should take care of our mother Earth, we only have one place to live in… we cannot afford to lose it anymore. Let’s not wait for the time that it will be totally destroyed. Our world, your move indeed. We need to move now for our future’s sake. In our own little way, we can surely make a difference. Why wait for tomorrow if we can start today?

So what is your pledge for mother nature? I will do my best to protect the world by reducing, recycling and reusing things if you will pledge to participate in activities that help restore and preserve our nature. 😉

I will if you will.

Another amazing thing that happened tonight is when Jan Slater Young, my bet in Pinoy Big Brother season 4 won.