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06/27 – Day 217: Aleph

Are you where you want to be doing what you want to do? Upon reading the first pages of the book (I am in the Chinese Bamboo part… 🙂 ) I realized that it exactly depicts what I am and who I am as of the moment. I may not have all the successes I want to achieve yet but I am in the time where I am jaded and as if nothing has been happening still… I am but a lost soul.

I know this book will enlighten me and I made the right decision by buying it. 🙂

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03/18 – Day 116: Creative Sunday! ☺

Oh yeah! I woke up and realized that there’s no electricity due to maintenance therefore I have nothing to do the whole afternoon except to scribble… draw… read… write… imagine things and a lot more to squeeze my creative cells. Anyways, I read Table for Two for the second time and finished it in less than 2 hours. It was really a coffee table book I can surely relate to. I can see myself in Mandy not that I used to have an always late boyfriend but her personality is similar to me. And I quote a line in this book:

” She can well take care of herself. It’s the little things she needs someone for, like someone to hold her hand at the end of a long day, or someone to watch stupid comedies with, or someone to curl up with on the couch on a lazy Sunday morning as she reads the newspaper and eats her cereal. Which probably means she doesn’t “need” someone in the strictest sense, although at the end of a long day or while watching a stupid comedy or even a lazy Sunday morning, having someone would be very much appreciated.”

Sometimes I wonder how many people find each other everyday while sipping coffee in the nearby cafe? How many people become part of one’s life after a short meet and greet moments? How many magical moments happen in a span of a day?

Life is full of awesome stories. Every stranger has its awesome story.
As I usually chill alone imbibing the “I am alone but not lonely vibe”, I see a lot of people, people who has stories to tell, people who are strong enough to live each day no matter what burdens they may be carrying. I just love to study them while I waste my time weaving their “assumed” life stories at the back of my mind. I am a hopeless romantic and imagining cheesy/crazy/random moments is my forte.

Again I quote Marla Miniano on Table for Two:

” When you think about it, everything is fleeting. Every second of every minute of every hour. The race and the rush and the choices and the chances. The love that grazed your fingertips, possibilities that brushed past you on your way out to work or play or save the world, a happy ending you may have believed in with a faith beyond anything you could have imagined you were capable of. We shove each other for space, we lament the loss of time as we scatter it throughout the vast landscape of our lives. When we count the broken pieces, we realize that we will not be here forever, so we chase after these moments, seize them and try to make them last and last and last. But maybe the best we can do is to understand that there is one thing in particular that should always come first”

I can say that today I thought about a lot of things that’s been swimming in my head. I have my own regrets on not telling someone how much he means to me. My resort all the time is to write on my journal and not really expressing my emotions as I am just guarding myself to possible pitfalls.

Some proof of my crazy writing habits — this is where all the words that I supposed to say go. It’s been years that I’ve been doing this… I have more than 10 journals to be proud of as of this date.

Through writing I discovered something that I learned to love over the years TYPOGRAPHY. I still want to create an artwork that is made out of several font types and sizes. I never stopped believing that someday I will be a good graphic designer and that I can create artworks that are eye candy and something that I can surely be proud of. I would be happier if my passion becomes my career and as a bonus I got to share it with others. 😉

One creative Sunday indeed! ♥

PS: If you have read my not so edited post — in this part you were able to see my sample work but when I tried to read it I was able to see that I mentioned his name therefore I removed it or else I am totally screwed. Whew!!!