09/25 – Day 307: Cars

My dad is a pilot. He has always been a fan of airplanes, yachts and definitely cars. I never worry about riding a jeepney or a bus when I was young. I spent my teenage years wondering what happened and why luck seems so elusive after we start selling our cars.

I live with it though.

I don’t want to sound dramatic again because of course life has it’s own way of bringing the best in each one of us. What have happened in the past made me who I am today. I was born living a princess life and well the past few years was tough. I was able to move forward, found a job after graduation — a job that I didn’t really like but it provided me the means to start a good life all over again.

I learned to appreciate life. I learned to value my job, my choices and my fate.

Anyways, today, I started thinking… of my first car. What color will it be? What type? Whatever it is, I’ll surely take care of it.