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12/30 – Day 37: Coffee with Good Friends

I have an excused for being fat, hey It’s Christmas.

My body is now full of unused calories but I’m not shy… I’m Fat so What! lol.

12/30 ended on a high note with a simple get together with people who made my senior life in college famazing. I was with my fellow contenders – yearbook staff 2010 the whole night and welcomed the last day of the year with them too, t’was a night full of laughter and laughter… did I mention laughter? Having coffee with friends to catch up with each other is really one of life’s awesome moment. I need to go home early as of course, I love my work so much that I am scared to be late or absent (sarcasm – not really, just a tiny bit of it). I am just thankful I got the chance to be with great people. Thanks for making the last days of 2011 worth remembering. ๐Ÿ™‚