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09/01 – Day 283: Unfinished Artwork

Just because it’s another day at home and I have a new canvas to paint on. I have this crazy fetish on Eiffel Tower so I decided to make it my muse but I realized that my round brush is missing. The border is so horrible that I just left it as it is for the mean time. Despite the flaws… it still makes me smile. (Imagine a pink Eiffel Tower, seriously? For crying out loud, what’s wrong with me!)

It reminds me of myself though, I am God’s unfinished artwork. 🙂

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08/30 – Day 281: Designs

During days when I am in the mood to be creative, those where the days that I am happy. I love to design, paint, scribble and play with Photoshop. I am a big fan of typography, color combinations and abstract artworks. I do sometimes dream of being a creative director, a graphic designer to a prestigious magazine, a web designer and foreperson when it comes to concept and design. I want to be an interior designer and study in Philippine School of Interior Design or probably take up multimedia arts or photography workshops as I want to be a photographer/graphic designer/web designer and my list goes on and on on what I want to be.

I don’t know if it can be a profession but what I know is that it brings a certain joy within me, a sense of fulfillment after finishing something that I put a lot of effort on.

I just want a job that would require me my creativity, I long for that day and I am
open to all possibilities. 🙂

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07/21 – Day 241: High School Scrapbook

It was fun to recall some high school memories through my scrap book. The organizations I am affiliated with, my classmates and our field trips to home for the aged and orphanages and also our activities that enhanced our potentials and developed us as young leaders.

I am now inspired to make my college and work scrapbook. 😉

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07/09 – Day 229: Artworks

Just because I’m too bummed out…

I long for the day wherein I will have my own art studio where I can just play with colors, paint the stress away and let my soul wander unto the nothingness of time. It will be my safe haven, a place where I can recharge from the stress life can bring. Oh well… another addition to my bucket list. 😀

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07/08 – Day 228: Creative Soul

As time passes by, I admit… I want to do something that would require my creativity and imagination. Time drifts away without me in it. I remembered the coffee plus long talks shared with my best friend last summer. We talked about what we need to do, our sacrifices for our family and also letting some of our absurd dreams go, even if that makes us happy. There are times when I don’t know what to do anymore or should I say just simply quit what I am doing and venture into a realm of endless possibilities that would require you to risk what you have. I am a risk taker but if family is involved, some decisions need to be weigh for a couple of times. I need to make a list of pros and cons and the like. Sometimes, we need to sacrifice our own happiness for others and just simply wait for that perfect timing. Live and be happy as possible today. I will just live by the moment and let my passions be the fuel for me to survive each passing day. 🙂

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03/26 – Day 124: Testing 1-2-3

I am creating web pages again after like a hundred years — kidding the only difference is I am not doing it for my Web Design subject but just for the sake of doing it to help me out somehow at work. 🙂

Seriously, I remembered how badly I want to be a graphic and web designer back in college but I just feel that I am not competent enough to pursue it as a career after I graduated. I never dream to be a programmer but I do dream to be a designer. I blame my low-tech computer and slow internet connection on why my dreams did not push through. I know it is not too late and that is why I am trying again and this time I will never stop. Maybe a year from now, I will learn a new language — not Japanese or French but I am talking about ASP, JAVA, and Drupal. I will also play around with some useful scripts and again I am not referring to the scripts that our favorite celebrities used to review before their shoot. Anyways, I am just happy. There is that certain kind of joy when my ideas come into life. It’s like an assurance that somehow I am not an epic fail still.

I want to learn more to do more and be more. I am tired of doing same things all over again because that is not me. I hate too much complacency and monotony. My life is more on taking risks, random adventures, learning new stuffs and just a life seeking for happiness and meaning. I don’t need to prove my worth because I don’t care at all. My toughest competitor is myself. I challenge myself to try different things and this time trying to push myself away from my comfort zone. I don’t fret because in every failure there’s a lot of lessons to ponder upon. I don’t live to set people’s expectation – I live because I have a purpose and that is my mission to find my life’s meaning. I don’t live just to exist – I exist because I dared to live.

This time I begin to dream again. 😉


01/30 – Day 68: Paris Inspired Mini Notebook

Since I started working I decided to live a carefree life. No more planners and organizers, no more sticky notes and random papers reminding me of the things that I need to do. I decided to live my life as spontaneous as possible without worrying if I am right on schedule or if things are going on just as what I planned it. Right now, I make plans but I don’t put too much effort in following it as I know that there are lots of things that happen unexpectedly. I have my fair share of those moments. I tend to be little miss perfect before wherein things that I do and things that I want should really go as what I am expecting them to happen but then there are those little disasters that will make me feel so frustrated and miserable so I realized it is better to loosen up and live one day at a time. I plan but I don’t overdo it and I simply live life each day together with its imperfections.

I got two notebooks as of the moment where I write my thoughts, future activities and scribbles. It is good to know that I have something to write on if I am inspired. This is where my random ideas linger and also it reminds me of my dream place — Paris.

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12/27 – Day 34: Thank You

Finally a time to make use of the first page of my Sketch Pad. Amazing!

I just want to thank God for everything that have happened this year. I guess I’ll just have a separate post with regard to all of my thanks. This post is all about me finally making use of my hands after a while. I am not really good in freehand drawing and sketching as my interest is more on drafting, making of floor plans and scribbling. My mind usually works when I do some doodles on old notebooks, random papers and tissues. I have a strong fetish on good penmanship and typography is also one of my interest especially if I test my skills in graphic design software.

2012’s top new year’s resolution is “BE CREATIVE”.

Tweet from Paolo Coehlo:

2012: Be creative. Men only learnt how to fly when they stopped imitating birds.

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12/16 – Day 23: Time to be Artistic

Thanks to my Manito who supplied me with a sketch pad and colored pencils. It’s time for me to go back to those days where I lurked into my room and do random sketches and floor plans. I am not an artist though… I just love doodling, scribbling and writing. It is a breather after a long day at work and you see those crayons, water colors and poster paints screaming for you to play with them and just be creative. Our life started out as a blank canvass and as years passes by each experiences contributed to our life’s portrait. We should celebrate all the good things life has to offer and embrace the inevitability of darkness, it is simply based on perspective. Think out of the box, explore your talents, live life… LIVE. 😀