My Give A Bag Of Hope Experience

I know that it’s been just minutes ago since my last blog entry but I guess I am so compelled to write my thoughts about my Give A Bag of Hope experience last July 6 after watching the video that my friend in Employee Engagement tagged me in Facebook.

Forgive me for being so overly dramatic as of the moment because I am so ugly crying here after watching the video. I hate my 3-am self because I tend to be so emotional. Yuck! 😦

Here’s the link by the way:

Maybe you guys are wondering what is the Give A Bag of Hope is all about. It is actually one way of Convergys to give back to our community by providing school supplies to elementary school students because the company values literacy which is necessary for us to have a brighter future as a nation.

Here’s the link of the #GiveABagofHope project that was launched to all Convergys sites last May 2015 ( another tear jerker) :

This project was really close to my heart that’s why I really joined the campaign and the school activation. I am a firm believer that an educated Filipino is surely a key to a better Philippines.It’s also my way to personally give back because I was able to finish my graduate studies through the aid of Convergys Educational Assistance Program.

Based on the data that was provided in the video, the company was able to give out 17,123 bags and that’s 17,123 students that we were able to change and empower to work on their dreams. While we are on the mission to change other people lives, we were also transformed throughout the experience. For every successful referral, for every salary deduction we pledged and for the school supplies we donated — it was meant for a greater cause. I hope other employees were moved as much as I was moved by this project. It is not just our corporate social responsibility, it is not just empowering our own selves but also helping those kids achieve their dreams. Cliche as it may sound but truly the youth is the hope of our nation.

Sharing some pictures I took during the school activation last July 6 at Bata Elementary School, Bacolod City:

The bag actually includes a note card where employees wrote their messages to the students.

Those genuine smiles and innocent thoughts surely made my heart melt. I love kids because they remind me how life was once simple and less complicated.

I got to say, my charm really works since I was able to build my own “love” team here by convincing everyone to pose with a heart sign. This picture really made me smile because one student actually told me that she does this to show her love. Heartwarming. 🙂

I ❤ my job here. 🙂

The students and teachers of Bata Elementary School.

Mark McMahon, our Give A Bag Of Hope Ambassador thanking our employees for their support and donations. He is actually a model turned into celebrity just recently. I must say he really has a good heart. I can feel his sincerity in helping out unlike others who just simply do it because they are paid to do it. You can really see that what he’s doing is simply out of passion and love for the kids. I wish him well though, that he may be successful in his showbiz career because he really  got what it takes. As I follow his Instagram account, I realized that he reminds me of myself sometimes because I too loves the beach, kids, dogs, cats, also a November kid and simply enjoys the chill life — he is soooo me.  I think we’ll be great friends. **winks**

HAHAHAHAHAHA a lot of employees went gaga over him while I went gaga after stalking him in IG a day after he left Bacolod. 😍

Mark with our operations managers and cluster heads.

Mark with the support team and the team leaders.

Mark with my awesome team! ( yeah, I know I am so biased!)

It sucks to admit but it’s just so damn hard to leave this bunch of crazies. I really enjoyed being part of our Employee Engagement team. 🙂

I guess I made my decision. I will no longer take the Organizational Development manager opening in one of the biggest sugar industry corporation in the country but instead endure my life as a Team Leader in the company that changed me into a more mature and empowered individual. I might need more years of experience in a supervisory and managerial position before I take the leap to a major career change. I know I have been a whiner and secretly ranting in my head how my life sucks and how my work sucks but actually it’s not the worst. I am actually blessed to have a decent job that pays my bills, a job that gives back to the less fortunate and a job that helps me transform other people’s lives. I think I am not ready to retire yet after my 5 years stint. I still have the patience to endure the pressure of hitting our client valued metrics in order to satisfy the expectations of our clients. When everything seems to be awful and tiring, I will just remind myself how awesome it is to be part of Employee Engagement which actually has the huge factor in my decision. I love my life as an EE champion and I am proud to be part of Convergys Bacolod Employee Engagement Team! 🙂

And lastly… I am also proud to be a Convergys Leader!

My Give A Bag Of Hope Experience really had a huge impact in my decision to stay. Let’s give it a shot until the year ends then we’ll try seeking for opportunities once again. I know, I know… I am such a hard-headed individual or should I say a coward because I won’t take that chance for a major life change. Nah, I am still young, so better yet enjoy the learning process! Peter Pan Complex ON! 🙂


Some things that bother you at 24…

I’m a year away from suffering the dreaded quarter life crisis. I’ve been in a constant struggle of deciphering what I really want to happen in my life and how I’ll work on my dreams. It’s a series of emotional turmoils, of drinking cocktails, beers and rhum, of waking up every single day trying to like your pointless job and of wondering what the future beholds when nothing actually makes sense as of the moment.

Being Lost.

I’ve been lost for quite some time. I have a lot of things in mind and lots of dreams to work on.  It’s been a hell of a crazy life we 20-something yuppies need to face. I used to earnestly plan my life with lots of goals being set. I used to think that after graduation I’ll be filthy rich wherein every summer I’m in the best tropical destination the world has to offer and I have lots and lots of cars to ride. Oh well. I also used to list my plans and be the most organized person ever. Guess what, I just ended up being too frustrated. That’s why I hate perfectionist people (check out my last tumblr blog entry where I rant about the perfectionists…).

It’s not what I really think it is. Life after college is a jungle. We need to thrive so that we can survive.  Basically, we are bothered because we are still working on things that we’re not even sure if it’ll work or not. We finally realized that life after college is not actually that easy. But here’s the thing,  being crazily paranoid of your future is pretty much normal at this age.

Being Single.

The best answer on why I’m single is the fact that I’m emotionally unavailable. I’m not a cold-hearted monster. I used to have a healthy, issue – free and happy heart.  It’s been a decade since the last time my heart suffered its first breakage. I have no idea how I survived but I’m glad I did. I’ve been NBSB. I’m not even hard to deal with. I’ve been infatuated for quite some time and I’m now caring for someone who’s been special to me for quite some time now as well.

Let me share why I like this boy because the world needs to know how amazing he is.  I like him because he knows how to deal with my weirdness. He’s not the typical boy.  He’s a little high maintenance which stresses me occasionally. He cares in ways that touch my cold heart. He thawed all the stalactites and stalagmites on each corners of my heart — pretty much exaggerated but true.  I prayed for us, for him, for me. I know that if we’ll end up together I need to adjust to his lifestyle. He’s the complete opposite of my dream guy. He has no abs nor muscles, triceps, biceps whatever it is that most gays drool for. He doesn’t look like Adam Levine. He doesn’t have a tattoo like Adam Levine.  He’s not a poet. He’s not a caffeine addict. He’s not the smartest either…  but I love him. He makes me happy. If you guys wonder why we can’t be together it’s because I have no idea if this feeling will last forever. I don’t know if I can deal with his demons. I don’t know if this is what I want.  I don’t think I can chill each day, drink until the sun is up, rave my way to him and live like I have nothing to worry about. I usually can’t resist him. I can spare a couple of minutes to talk to him even if he’s drunk. We’ve drunk text each other couple of times and wake up like it didn’t happen. Mostly, we argue and laugh our ass out or I confront him with all the girls and gays being linked to him. Oh well. There are days when I asked myself if he’s the one I really want to be with for the rest of my life. My mom told me that she wants me to get married before she die and that I should marry someone who is not like dad. My mom told me it’s hard to marry someone with lots of vices. She doesn’t want me to be a spinster worst, widowed before 50.

I woke up today pondering on yesterday’s happenings. I was able to resist that urge to be with him because I need to set priorities. School is doing great and I have a deadline to meet so instead of chilling, I choose to finish my accounting system but God knows I’m distracted. He’s running in my mind 24/7 and my thoughts kept on loitering that it’s so hard to gather them all. I ended up mentally exhausted. It’s a battle between my emotions and my gift of reason.  It’s crazy. Super crazy. Idk.

Bottomline : Stay single until you finally figure how it works. Don’t be in a relationship just because you’re lonely. I’m single because I fear hurt. I’m single because I don’t know if he’s my forever.

Again, oh well. 

Being Crazy.

Dude…  It’s part of growing up. I’ve realized that I’m not crazy.  Emotions are simply surging during this time of our lives and it’s actually a prelude to being 25 wherein our hormones will be raging the most. Ahmayzing!


Anyhoo, just chill and trust God’s will. All of our issues today will surely make sense someday. Let’s not force it. Let’s just learn to live each day as chill as possible. Thy will be done.  🙂