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09/07 – Day 289: On Sand, Booze and Fake Tattoos

Boracay — Enuf said.
A friend told me lately if we can go back this October to summer paradise and chill again just like the old times. Suddenly I can’t help my mind to stop reminiscing those good memories we had on the beach.

All those crazy card games, our wholesome drinking sessions, Marc Nelson — Boracay’s resident tourist spot (lol), solo moments while watching the beautiful sun as it sets and also the series of laugh trips plus the most stressful lunch I had, now those were my epic moments in paradise. The big catch? I got to spend it with my college yearbook friends and still my friends after 2 years. I don’t want to go back to Boracay anymore if they’re not the ones that I’ll be with though. I’ll just end up comparing the memories. Oh well, hoping for another summer blast soon!

Summer of 2010 — relived.

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06/13 – Day 203: Reminiscing College

It’s our class picture in our yearbook… and yes the inspiration was so evident – Transformers!

I spent an hour recalling great memories I have in college and of course being with my original classmates since first year. Only few were left from our original section when we reached our senior year but of course we welcomed our new classmates wholeheartedly.

The quizzes, long test, term exams, exemptions, projects and everyday banters plus laugh trips made me miss college so much. I am not a perfect student… I skipped classes just to play left for dead on my senior year. I don’t listen if I don’t like the teacher or if it’s a terrible math subject. Yes, terrible — like Integral Calculus. It was a subject that I can say is one of the worst subject in my entire school existence that I have encountered. I never learned anything but I must say, I adored my teacher for his intelligence. He was really smart, I just don’t have time to absorb all those limits, derivations and those crazy drawings of x-axis and y-axis on the blackboard. I may be a bit slow in math but then I am proud that I never had a failing grade and I was not given a chance to repeat any subjects.

Computer Science was actually tough. Oh God, I spent nights coding my project just to make sure it will run. There are times wherein I succeed and times that I fail but of course there are times also that you need to ask for help to your classmates (It’s not cheating, we used to call it collaborative effort. ;)).

Most of the memories I can vividly recall was actually my days with the college yearbook and Red Cross Youth – one of the best club I joined in college. I was part of it during my first days in the university until the day I graduated. Every experience I had back then was actually worthwhile.

Overall, college life was awesome and I can say that it was actually better than high school. I miss school… πŸ™‚


03/20 – Day 118: Past Dream

As I scan my college yearbook, I was able to see that part of my bucket list is to be a Red Cross Trainer. It’s been one of my dream to be part of a group of individuals who just not train new leaders but inspire them to be the best leader that they can be by motivating them to make use of their potentials and enhanced their skills by participating in worthwhile activities.

By May, there will be a 2 – week long training and due to my kind of work I surely cannot participate. It was hard at first especially to let go of something that you have waited and wanted years ago. I am 22 and that dream was conceived in my mind when I was 15. I always tell myself that if it’s bound to happen then it will be so I guess I’ll just let it go. I know I can never get what I want but who cares, I am still breathing and as long as I am alive I will never stop conceiving dreams. I will never stop myself from being the best person that I can be. I know I am made for something and that something is the one that I am searching. We all seek for a job that we are paid well and at the same time we are happy doing it. I am not saying that my job sucks today but I no longer see myself enjoying it 2 – 3 years from now so I need to look for new opportunities.

Oh well, I’m writing a novel again.

Aha! Bottom line is, I’ll just let this one pass. Whatever may happen, it’s according to God’s awesome plan.

Let it go… let it go.. let it go. πŸ™‚