03/21 – Day 119: Magnum

Magnum chocolate.

I remembered I began tweeting about this like a month ago before it hit the market when Raymond Gutierrez began tweeting about it. I am more of a Cornetto lover but of course I won’t deny that I always scream for ice cream as it’s the best pick me upper after a long and stressful day. Anyways, I tried Magnum ice cream for the first time. It is a bit expensive compared to its competitors but I can say that it’s the best treat if your day had been so totally messed up with that you just want a royal treatment. The chocolate coating and the vanilla ice cream inside is really yummy. It is the best source of sudden joy because it is indeed chocolate-y.

Oh well, Cornettos are still irreplaceable in my heart. Magnum is good, let’s eat it just once a month!haha so save up… 😉

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02/19 – Day 88: Nips

Do you still remember this song?

You wanna see what happens in a bag of Nips?
What goes on before they touch my lips?

They make a rainbow (Chocolate Nips)
A choco rainbow (Chocolate Nips)

And then they color all the flowers and they paint the trees
They’re sweet and delicious, look at all those bees

When I want fun, I get a bag of Nips and make a rainbow
(Nips, Nips)

We used to sing this song while eating nips that we bought during our recess when I was still in elementary. We sing it with actions while smiling and laughing after the song. It is not as yummy as M & M’s but the joy that this chocolate brings by recalling good memories way back then is really incomparable. Today, I reminisce those good old childhood days. 😉

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12/23 – Day 30: Chocolate Madness

This is my current favorite – Kitkat Chunky is always yummy.

If I ate chocolates and ice creams because of having a bad day at work then by the end of the month, I will be far for sure. T’was like series of days that I have been so pissed and hated my job because no matter what effort you exert, I still fall short of my goals. This is worst than passing my most hated subject back in college. Thank you for the discovery of this sweet stuffs that ease my frustrations and stress away.

Have a break, have a Kitkat indeed. 🙂