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09/08 – Day 290: Tumblr on Mobile

Tumblr is my safe haven, it’s where my thoughts linger, my rants, frustrations and other stuffs that is not quite awesome. WordPress on the other hand is my happy place where I can share to the world my daily awesome things. Blogspot is where I used to post my poems and love problems, well that was before TUMBLR.

I feel inlove with Tumblr because it is simple and user friendly. You can easily reblog stuffs that you can totally relate to, write your thoughts, share a video or a picture and follow your favorite tumblristas. I got addicted to it back in college and been addicted to it for years. Now, I cannot help but fall in love to what I have recently downloaded in Google Play, the Tumblr application for Android.

Seriously? I can’t help but smile. I can now express what’s on my mind especially in times that my mind is having it’s own verbal diarrhea.

Oh feel free to know me more: www.chillerspot.tumblr.com

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01/04 – Day 42: Fruit Ninja

It’s really one cool game to de-stress after a long day at work. Seriously, it is entertaining and simply addicting. I also learned how Ninjas hate fruits.

Fruit Ninja requires finger power to slice those juicy fruits to unlock new blades, backgrounds and of course to make Sensei proud for all the “how-to-be-an-awesome-ninja” skills he taught us. Please be careful with the bombs as they can end your life in classic mode and also they can ruin the frenzy when you accidentally hit them in arcade mode. Among all the blades I unlocked, my favorite is the icy blade and I definitely like the Yin-Yang background compared to the others.

Overall, I rate this game 4.5 stars for it’s simple yet challenging and extremely entertaining.

You can visit their site via or you can download the application via the Android Market or via your iPhone.

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12/26 – Day 33: Angry Birds

Yes, it has been a craze lately. It is easy to download as an application to your phone and in Google Chrome. I was not a fan before but when I had my Android phone I tried to download it and I spent most of my nights playing Angry Birds Rio another version of the famous Angry Birds. I love hitting the monkeys than the pigs with huge heads. The music in Rio is also upbeat and festive. You can really feel the Brazilian hype. I am happy I decided to download it as it was really a fun and worthwhile game.

I never stopped until my phone’s battery usage reached to 100%. I know I am kind of a late bloomer in playing this game but as what the saying goes it is better late than never. I am glad I was able to play it and enjoyed all its different versions. It is not just a game as it also makes you think — a good way to enhance your logical side. Kudos to its makers, now I am a bit inspired to be a programmer once again.