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09/26 – Day 308: Work + Passion = Happiness

There are those days that suck the happiness in me. There are those days that were too great. Today, I am positive after I go bruhaha of how crappy my yesterday was.

Oh well, we finally decided on our new work schedule… and it’s awesome. Weekends off!!! Yes! 12am – 9am — not bad at all. πŸ™‚

I feel so guilty not able to help the new Red Cross Youth officers in their transition year. I guess it’s not easy to let go of something that has been part of your system and today I decided to go back to where my heart belongs. Thanks to my new schedule, I can balance work and passion. My work and my passion are not the same you know that’s why I feel so AMAAAAAZING that I can be working and then go back to my life as a Red Cross volunteer! πŸ™‚

I am feeling the last quarter of the year work slump. Here I go again on thoughts of resigning and finally move to somewhere far away from my comfort zone and live the fast life. (Be careful what you wish for, I say.)

Am I ready? I guess I will if I really need to.

I am not saying my work is crappy. I learned to love it, or should I say enjoy it. I love working with people, enjoyed being with the SME team as we get along so well, I love doing those mentoring sessions especially if our scores show significant improvement. And I always say, one’s scorecard does not define him or her. Work performance can be behavioral, some just have personal problems to struggle, demotivation — just like me on random days and well — luck. Blah. I am tired of talking about work… it bores me. haha

Anyways, life is doing well right now. It’s okay, nothing really great is happening but it’s something one can be grateful of. I still don’t have a lovelife to boot but at least I am inspired. πŸ™‚
But how long will I settle for less if I know deep within myself that I am made to be better than who I am today?

I know that my passion is in Red Cross, serving people, all the inspiring talks and leadership trainings bring sheer joy but I know in reality that it won’t provide the lifestyle that I want. Yes, it’s a noble decision to live serving others but then I also have a dream life that I want to live. Cars, a house and all the dream vacations… oh well.

Whatever makes me happy, I’ll go. I’ll choose later on if it’s the life I really wanted. πŸ™‚

I want to be a volunteer again, I don’t know until when but I just want to be. My future seems to be jaded as of the moment especially of some plans. I don’t know if I am meant to stay or live away from Philippines. While there’s uncertainty on what the future brings, I’ll stay for a while and be that fish who swims together with the tide and let time and fate decides what will happen next. I decided to go back to where my heart is because I know it will help me decide on what I really want. At least I’ll bring great memories with me incase I will leave. (If I really need to leave… πŸ™‚ )

I know some of my posts were a bit intriguing but I just don’t want to talk about it until every thing is A-OKAY.

Oh the hassles of citizenship issue and whatever, just the thought of it — confuses me.

Anyways, I am positive. This too shall pass — all the confusion, the daunting questions of self discovery and all the crazy things life has to offer… it’s all part of a grander plan.

Thanks Lord for a dynamic and crazy life I am living. I trust you and thy will be done. Whatever tomorrow brings, I’ll be there… with a wide grin in my face and arms wide open.

Live. Laugh. Hmmmm… LOVE. πŸ™‚

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08/09 – Day 260: Philippine Red Cross

Join the premiere humanitarian organization in its quest to alleviate human suffering…

From the PRC website:

August is International Humanitarian Law Month

The Philippine Red Cross (PRC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), along with the, Department of National Defense, Department of Foreign Affairs, Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, Commission on Human Rights, and the Department of Interior and Local Government will spearhead the commemoration of IHL Month with a series of activities aimed at heightening public awareness and respect for IHL.

I decided to post about Red Cross because I would like to pay my respect and kudos to the volunteers who left their homes and families just to be of help to our fellow Filipinos affected by the flood due to heavy monsoon rains. I admire their courage to face adversities head on. I am proud that I was once an active Red Cross volunteer.

When a Red Cross volunteer comes knocking in the Philippines, you answer!

The Philippines is no stranger to typhoons, with an average of 20 hitting the country each year, usually between May and October. But the cycle in recent years has changed. Either typhoons come back-to-back leaving a trail of destruction – Ketsana, Parma and Mirinae in 2009 and Nesat and Nalgae in 2011 – or they are not unanticipated at all – Washi struck one week before Christmas in 2011.

This year, residents of Manila were caught off guard when torrential rain poured down on the capital for 72 hours, swamping the low-lying areas, flooding major roads and shutting public facilities. The deluge created vast lakes in portions of the city, more than 400,000 people had to flee their homes and seek temporary shelter elsewhere.

Margarita Morales, a resident of Barangay Bagong Silangan in Quezon City, was one of them. Late in the evening on 6 August she lay awake, unable to sleep due to the unusually heavy rain. Sometime around midnight she heard a loud knock on the door, and a voice telling her to leave her home quickly as the floodwater was rising fast.

Margarita recognized the voice. It was Ching Serencio, one of the 143 Red Cross volunteers living in their barangay. (β€˜Red Cross 143′ is an initiative that aims to reinforce Philippine Red Cross’s presence in all 42,000 barangays [villages] across the country.

Under the project, the National Society aims to recruit and train 44 volunteers, comprising a team leader and 43 members from every barangay.) Margarita, together with four children, rushed to an evacuation center higher in their village. A few minutes later, her house was washed away as the riverbank burst.

She and her children stayed at the evacuation center for five days and returned to salvage what was left in their house. There was nothing. “I can’t imagine what could have happened to myself and my children should we have failed to flee our home ahead of time,” Margarita says.

Barangay Bagong Silangan in Quezon City is flood-prone as it lies beside a river which overflows when there’s heavy rain. The growing number of Red Cross volunteers in the village – there are currently 30 – are always on alert when there’s a storm coming or any type of bad weather.

“As Red Cross volunteers in this barangay, we make sure that the residents here do pre-emptive evacuation to save more lives in times of disaster,” Ching Serencio says. At the height of the heavy rains, she went house-to-house blowing her whistle – which volunteers use to signal evacuation – informing people in the barangay which evacuation site to go to.

“I may not have been able to save anything from my house except the clothes we were wearing when the floods came, but I will forever be thankful to Ching and the Red Cross for the early warning to flee our home,” Margarita says.


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08/04 – Day 255: Vision

I am a dreamer… a visionary, a believer.
Today, I sit and think about how my life is going. It seems that I am overthinking for the past few days.

So many questions yet the answers are so few.

… I don’t know how to type the words in my mind as of the moment.

I just love the fact that we do have the vision to see things beyond our eyes can offer

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08/03 – Day 254: Motivation

I am not saying Mario Maurer is my inspiration to go to work everyday. Let’s just say I am just being poetic today.

Too many questions running in my mind as of the moment. I would admit I no longer have the drive to pursue what I want to be in the company where I am right now. I don’t know, I already set my mind to leave. I no longer have the interest to stay and grow because of what have happened in the past, the daily retrospections of things that I want to do versus the things I need to do… it’s been a cycle of dramas not development and fulfillment. I know what I can do, what I can offer and what I want to happen in my life. I am lost in the wilderness of life. This is another hard phase in my life because I want a lot of things, I want to exhaust my skills, learn more about myself and just simply enjoy what I am doing.

Yes, I can see growth in where I am. It’s just a vision though. A vision without implementation… a vision without inspiration. Just vision.

What’s my inspiration to work today? — a question I always ask myself.

Random crazy things pop in my mind but upon checking again, those things are usually superficial like seeing your crush, eating your favorite food in the pantry and the random talks shared with friends. I want to wake up each day excited to go to work because it’s my passion, it’s what I want… it’s what I dreamed. I long for that day. But I am blessed to have a job right now compared to others who struggle to seek for a company who would accept them. I am trying to think things over, not closing my mind to what I have as of the moment can offer. I can feel the fulfillment whenever I help someone resolving their issues, I can feel the simple joy of my daily life at the office. There’s something missing though… but it doesn’t really matter as I can live with it.

It will give me more periods of thinking and pondering.
I just want someone to motivate me and let me see that if I work hard there’s future on where I am right now. I am already tired of motivating myself because no matter how I motivate it sooner or later bad things happen and I need to start over. I don’t seek appreciation and constant attention, I can live my life unnoticed. I just want someone to remind me of my significance.

To be honest, I want a job that can help me inspire other people, I always motivate people to be the best version of themselves. I want them to discover that they are awesome no matter what others say. I believe in people’s potentials. We are all gifted but it’s how you use those gifts that matter in this world. Show the people what you got… never cease believing in
yourself. We are all AWESOME. πŸ™‚

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07/25 – Day 245: Missing the Red Gang

Who won’t miss the good times with great people?
I do.

I miss my Red Cross friends especially the leadership trainings, meetings, deployments and random activities. I miss my officers who became my true friends until now. I miss the members who are now the best leaders of their time and of course, they never cease to make me proud of who and what they become.

Siammo Tutti Fratelli!

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07/04 – Day 224: Fight for Your Right

Just because I am nice doesn’t mean I don’t know how to fight…
I just can’t be quiet all the time especially if you’re talking about my pride here. I never denied that I am egocentric… I am and I will always be. I worked hard to where I am now and I don’t deserve this.

I don’t deserve to be treated like a shit. I know that in this business, you need to make use of people but please make it a win-win situation. What sucks is that you made a crappy decision without even considering other people’s opinions. I am not a robot who would just follow your orders, I am not programmed for that. I am a human being. I have pride. I have dignity. I also deserve respect.

I will fight for my right… and no one can stop me from LEAVING without FIGHTING for justice.

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07/01 – Day 221: Burn the Past

Just how fast time goes… so as the decisions made.
Just when I learned to love my job…
Just when I already valued too many people…
I need to start all over again.
Maybe some things are bound to happen for us to realized that we are made to be better and that we need to let go of the past. We need to be strong to face tomorrow by stopping ourselves to be slaves of our past. It’s now part of our history and we need to make a move.

Just like my journals… it’s time to recall good memories and burn the bad ones. πŸ™‚

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06/30 – Day 220: The New Path

I learned to love my work.
I learned to see myself staying for long this time… well, that was yesterday. Today changed my perception… I may be jaded but at least now that I have a path, a direction that I am willing to take and it’s to finally let go and seek for better opportunities. I can’t stand being taken for granted for my efforts and just like that… just like a snap, I lost everything that I hoped and everything that I wanted to learn.

If you just knew how much I sacrificed…
I did let go my master’s degree education because of my job that would require me to be flexible with my schedule. I let go of better opportunities in Manila because I wanted to make things work here since I don’t want to be away with my family.
I tried to understand and that everything is just part of a bigger plan but I guess ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I don’t want to be treated like a shit. I hate to say this… and as much as I don’t want to think that I was just being used, well then again… they still made use of what I have without even saying thank you, without even asking me if it’s okay, without even consulting others for the decisions that they need to make.

How can you call yourself leaders… if you don’t know how to lead.
Oh well…
It’s time to move on… and I am bound to a fresh start. I don’t know where but I am willing to take risks. πŸ™‚