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05/14 – Day 173: Dinner with old friends

I had salad and pizza… drank an alcoholic beverage after 2 months and ate as if I am not on a diet. I walked along the streets of Bacolod and talked about random stuffs and gossips. I laughed big time during dinner and I must say that was again the most stressful dinner that I had after the Boracay lunch that we had together 2 years ago. Stressful — yes, you can not eat seriously because you are laughing almost all the time.

Anyways, I am out with my college friends, the people that made my senior life in college funnier and memorable. I met them when I joined the yearbook team and I guess losing the senate position was surely a blessing as it paved way to my life as an associate editor. It’s been two years and the friendship is still there, I guess we really clicked as a team that after graduation we still clicked as friends. We still met up once in a while and tonight was one of those crazy meet ups that we have. Whenever we are together, we are indecisive on where to eat and will take us a couple of minutes to an hour just to decide where to dine or where to go after unless one will finally take charge because it’s been taking too long for us to choose the place.

It was an epic night because of the random bloopers that we had in a mexican restaurant. We call it the “Salsa Rojo” incident that will be a private joke that we will surely remember for years along the “Tearrified and Moonwalk” jokes.

Oh well, glad to have awesome friends that can surely make you laugh your ass out of your seats. πŸ˜‰