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08/02 – Day 253: Paparapapa Love ko Toh!

Back to our old tambayan, recalling the days we used to spend after activity hours months before graduation suddenly brings too much nostalgia. Today we bid goodbye to one of our dearest friend ever – Ms. Kim as she finally ventures out and take risks to a place new to her(wow drama! haha). I know she have waited too long for this and I’m glad that it’s finally happening.

It’s nice to have fries and sundae with old time friends who were there through good times and bad. All the frustrations, the heartaches, the corny jokes and the random banters wherein the walls serve as witnesses in all of our craziness is surely one delightful thought to remember. All the coffees chug down to hype up my system, the reports that need to be finish and submitted to the office of student affairs, the planning of future activities and meeting agenda, all the stress Red Cross brought me way back in college is something that I am glad to experience. It used to be my way of life, being too workaholic for a cause that I love so much. Leading a team that eventually became my closest circle of friends after 2 years was one of the best achievements I have. No medals, certificates and awards can ever replace the greatest people I have been with. The memories bring certain kind of joy that is fulfilling and personally it has been a humbling experience. I don’t need to type all their names as I know they definitely know who I am referring to. I miss the good ol days. I miss the Crackbang barkada. πŸ˜€

I wish I will have that same drive again… the will to succeed. I guess I just need time to motivate myself again. I know what I am capable of, I just don’t need to prove my worth. I’ll do what I need to do, it’s my decision though if I will do my best or just settle on being a mediocre, worst – a failure. Some may think I am lazy, no goals or whatsoever — well, I don’t really care. I have plans, I just don’t like talking about it especially if I am still not certain. Therefore whatever happens… bring it on, I’ll take it… just don’t underestimate. πŸ™‚

P.S.: If I am down, I just love to sit and recall all the good memories spent in the best tambayan place ever — Mc Donalds – Lacson.

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07/25 – Day 245: Missing the Red Gang

Who won’t miss the good times with great people?
I do.

I miss my Red Cross friends especially the leadership trainings, meetings, deployments and random activities. I miss my officers who became my true friends until now. I miss the members who are now the best leaders of their time and of course, they never cease to make me proud of who and what they become.

Siammo Tutti Fratelli!

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06/13 – Day 203: Reminiscing College

It’s our class picture in our yearbook… and yes the inspiration was so evident – Transformers!

I spent an hour recalling great memories I have in college and of course being with my original classmates since first year. Only few were left from our original section when we reached our senior year but of course we welcomed our new classmates wholeheartedly.

The quizzes, long test, term exams, exemptions, projects and everyday banters plus laugh trips made me miss college so much. I am not a perfect student… I skipped classes just to play left for dead on my senior year. I don’t listen if I don’t like the teacher or if it’s a terrible math subject. Yes, terrible — like Integral Calculus. It was a subject that I can say is one of the worst subject in my entire school existence that I have encountered. I never learned anything but I must say, I adored my teacher for his intelligence. He was really smart, I just don’t have time to absorb all those limits, derivations and those crazy drawings of x-axis and y-axis on the blackboard. I may be a bit slow in math but then I am proud that I never had a failing grade and I was not given a chance to repeat any subjects.

Computer Science was actually tough. Oh God, I spent nights coding my project just to make sure it will run. There are times wherein I succeed and times that I fail but of course there are times also that you need to ask for help to your classmates (It’s not cheating, we used to call it collaborative effort. ;)).

Most of the memories I can vividly recall was actually my days with the college yearbook and Red Cross Youth – one of the best club I joined in college. I was part of it during my first days in the university until the day I graduated. Every experience I had back then was actually worthwhile.

Overall, college life was awesome and I can say that it was actually better than high school. I miss school… πŸ™‚

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01/05 – Day 43: Time to Review

CSCI106: Introduction to Electronics is one of my favorite major subjects back in college. I love it because it is easy and fun even though we are required to solve a lot of problems every meeting.

I know my posts is getting too random as it gets. Today, I tried to open my journal and I opted not to write because I am not in the mood. When I tried to checked my box where old stuffs are arranged I saw my college notebook back when I was about to turn 17 and a sophie in CS.

I hate Math, seriously.

When it comes to numbers, it’s been a love-hate relationship. I thought Computer Science is simply about computers, trends in technology and programming but not hard core mathematics. I was definitely wrong. I never realized until our teacher told us that Computer Science is about computation thus COMPUTEr. According to Wikipedia – Computer science or computing science (abbreviated CS) is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation. This was the beginning of my beautiful nightmare.

I never regret taking up CS and just so you know, college was tough except for great people that made it worthwhile. Two-thumbs up!

As time passes by, I feel stuck that it will be harder to come back soon. I decided that this year it’s time to stretch my lazy nerve cells and get it back to work before I forget all those tidbits of being a geek in the binary world. Since I am not really interested in application programming, I will simply give more time in reviewing for web programming and study the trends in cross platform programming so as in graphic designing. I am better in design than in coding so I’ll focus on where I am good at rather than deal with the impossible. Time is my mortal enemy in achieving this goal. I wanted to shift path this year and get the job that I want but for personal/family reasons I just can’t leave Bacolod so I’ll just prepare myself once opportunities strike again rather than bury myself in despair and dumbness.

I hate it when my skills are not used as I get stupid and stupid each day. I don’t get my mind to work beyond its limits. It’s just working on a monotonous pace that is too boring for a Sagittarian like me. I want growth and a dynamic life.

This is the best time… will be signing off in my current workplace soon, thanks to awesome people that is making my stay long because it’s also hard to forget those shared memories you all have together but then life should go on. Until I do not know where to go, I will still stay. πŸ™‚

Note: I don’t know why I chose this particular page on my notebook… I am not planning to review Physics or Electronics, it just happens to be that I really love this subject back in college – especially Ohm’s Law. I even recalled our capacitors and resistors project. haha

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12/07 – Day 14: Pizza with Crackbang Friends

I guess I had the best night with my college barkada. It’s nice to talked about what you’ve been going through for the past few months and understand you. I am really happy as I know they know me, my competencies, my weaknesses and strengths. I almost forget the last time I laughed so hard that I almost drool, pee and can no longer breathe. It’s nice to have a mini reunion with awesome people especially this Christmas season. I know I am blessed to have cool and beyond awesome friends… until we meet again! πŸ™‚

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11/25 – Day 2: Reminiscing College Days

College Stuffs!

While cleaning my room earlier, I stumbled upon my old stuff in college and along with it are great memories of the past. I surely missed the sleepless nights in compiling a program, solving our assignments in several Math classes especially my least favorite subject which is integral calculus, those weird words such as pumping lemma, Perl, boolean algebra that only a Computer Science or related course can understand.Oh yeah those colorful index cards you’re seeing there are my notes during exam in Calculus. I created a lot since it is an open notes exam but then it was still useless — I passed the subject though but it’s a grade not worth bragging. There was too much drama before but I guess the real world is far more different. Isn’t it awesome when you still have those college stuffs and you see all the doodles in your notebooks and manuals because you were bored while in the middle of a class? All those club paperwork, yearbook tasks, Tuesday and Thursday meetings, weekend outreach activities and thesis cram — Damn, I miss college. I miss my friends. I miss my old stressful life.