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Wednesday Thoughts

“There is no such thing as failure just postponed success. ”

It was an excerpt on an article I read in Manila Bulletin regarding life’s purpose. It’s a mere sentence that summed up my thoughts with regard to my dilemma or should I say symptoms of quarter life crisis that is now taking its toll.

If you’re an avid follower of my blog which I supposed you’re not (haha) you’ll find my previous posts a little dramatic which of course is not really intended because those were just my thoughts poured into this electronic sheet of paper waiting to be published in a world where everyone has access to it — wow.

I am what I write so before I get drowned with my blabs let me share my thoughts about my life.

Nothing has changed still. I’m still lost and stuck with no better choices to choose from. I still have my sanity despite the problems I need to face at home and my career frustrations. Since yesterday, I’ve been thinking about how I managed my life. My grades last semester was actually a huge surprised. I don’t know if it’s pure luck or indeed a product of hardwork. I realized that I fell .1 shorter in nailing the president’s list — an award given to students who have no grades below 1.0. I’m not really competing nor dying to get that award because my main goal is to simply pass but then again I was almost there. I’m still happy with the results.

There was a point I doubted myself and my worth. Thanks of course to the company I’m currently working. I’ve given my best before but it seems that all those potentials were just put into waste. From then on I no longer believed that hardwork and intelligence do equate success. It’s how you play the game according to their rules. Oh well.

Anyways, I came to realized that where I am right now is not able to make use of my potentials. I’m so excited to channel myself to a job where my opinions matter and that I’ll be the game master. I’ve plans and I know how hard I work for my goals and for my people. When I mean business , I mean business. I may demand a lot but I make sure it’s reasonable. Whether you’re my friend or not or whether you’re hot or not, if you don’t meet what is expected then I’m sorry. It’s how I work.and I miss my old, busy and stress self.

Oh well.

I’ve considered myself a good player still abiding the rules no matter how stupid the game can be sometimes. Where I am right now and the dilemmas I’ve been facing is just part of a greater plan. I am currently not a failure. Success is waiting and I’m in the mood to chase it.

Life! 🙂

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10/16 – Day 328: Trusting God

Dear God,

You never failed me. I just want you to know that I love you and that thank you for drawing me closer to you. Thank you for making me understand that life is not easy and the cross I need to carry each day humbles me. I am not alone in this journey, all people suffer a certain kind of pain and that it’s how we perceive life who’ll helped us surpass everything.

My faith in you will never change. You have proven to me that you’ll always be there and you’ll never forsake me. I asked for your forgiveness whenever I doubt your own time. I am sorry for the sins I committed. I am sorry for doubting your prowess.

As time passes by, I came to realized that not everything I ask you give. You always provide it in your own time or make me realize why it didn’t happen. You are not a genie who grants our wishes. I seek for your own will rather than insist on the impossible.

God, I simply want to tell you 3 things:

1. I love you.
2. I am sorry.
3. I TRUST you.


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09/16 – Day 298: Apple Pie

My dad used to bake the best apple pie in the planet. He’s one of the best pastry maker in the world. Unfortunately, I never get to taste his pies anymore. It’s been 17 years since the last time we saw each other, I hope he’s still baking in heaven.

Anyways, I am always a fan of apple pie. Today is one of those days where I am reminded of my dad and how awesome he is.

I miss my dad so much.

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08/13 – Day 264: Project 23

Another design layout for this blog. Project 23 is my safe haven after a busy week.

Every day I collect and choose some random photos that made my day awesome or smile. I decided to name it as Project 23: Lifeblog of a Daydreamer because it’s my own personal blog from the day I turned 22 up to the last day of being 22.

At 23, I will decide to choose LIFE. It’s time to live up some dreams that I stopped chasing, it’s time to think of major decisions I need to make whether it’s life changing or not and it’s time for me to believe in myself more and be the best version of myself.

I will still continue writing, blogging, blabbering and spamming(tongue out).

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03/24 – Day 122: Summer!

Oh yeah finally I tried Mc Donald’s summer medley floats. It’s refreshing — YES. Well this picture is really more than that…

Let’s talk about summer, not the movie but the time of the year wherein all you want is to chill and run on the sands of the best beaches near you. You definitely have the time to do what you want to do… the freedom from school works, projects and meetings. Well, that was years ago and now I am employed to a company wherein holidays and definitely summer is not a time for us to take a break. It is still work, work and work to meet the business needs of course. Welcome to the cruel world! Oh well… life as we definitely know it.

Anyways, this summer I want to decide into something that will make my life change. Maybe try to make up my mind if I will really take up Master’s degree or not, try to venture out and look for a different career opportunities that will hone my skills and make me the best that I can be and also to be free from all the responsibilities for a week.

Retrospectively speaking, I just want to try something different, my ability is on a par with my ambitions. What I have now is something I can enjoy for the moment but I know this will not last for long. My mind may be into it because I want to excel in everything that I do but I can never cheat my heart. I tried to fall in love with my work but then I am here because I fell for someone. Oh, it did not make sense — just don’t mind me I’m blabbing again. Sorry!

Summer — right.

Day 122 is awesome because of the USLS – CRCY Senior’s Tribute. I salute all the seniors who dared to make a difference, who spent their free time doing worthwhile humanitarian activities all for the love of Red Cross and who never quit despite all the odds. The odds indeed was in their favor though. They surpassed it all victoriously. Thank you to those who were inspired by my impromptu speech. It’s been a while since the last time I gave one but whatever it was that I have said last night, I mean it. All the good memories you had — cherished it and all the struggles you have faced on the way — just smile as you have overcome it. I hope that graduation is not the end of it all. Please do continue to take care of other people and support the causes of the premiere humanitarian organization. I just can’t let go of something so inspiring… who I am today is a product of what I have learned from my past.

This is the start of my summer. The time wherein I am inspired to inspire. Live. Laugh. Love.

P.S.: I’m thinking of an awesome beach trip… WHERE TO? 🙂

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01/05 – Day 43: Time to Review

CSCI106: Introduction to Electronics is one of my favorite major subjects back in college. I love it because it is easy and fun even though we are required to solve a lot of problems every meeting.

I know my posts is getting too random as it gets. Today, I tried to open my journal and I opted not to write because I am not in the mood. When I tried to checked my box where old stuffs are arranged I saw my college notebook back when I was about to turn 17 and a sophie in CS.

I hate Math, seriously.

When it comes to numbers, it’s been a love-hate relationship. I thought Computer Science is simply about computers, trends in technology and programming but not hard core mathematics. I was definitely wrong. I never realized until our teacher told us that Computer Science is about computation thus COMPUTEr. According to Wikipedia – Computer science or computing science (abbreviated CS) is the study of the theoretical foundations of information and computation. This was the beginning of my beautiful nightmare.

I never regret taking up CS and just so you know, college was tough except for great people that made it worthwhile. Two-thumbs up!

As time passes by, I feel stuck that it will be harder to come back soon. I decided that this year it’s time to stretch my lazy nerve cells and get it back to work before I forget all those tidbits of being a geek in the binary world. Since I am not really interested in application programming, I will simply give more time in reviewing for web programming and study the trends in cross platform programming so as in graphic designing. I am better in design than in coding so I’ll focus on where I am good at rather than deal with the impossible. Time is my mortal enemy in achieving this goal. I wanted to shift path this year and get the job that I want but for personal/family reasons I just can’t leave Bacolod so I’ll just prepare myself once opportunities strike again rather than bury myself in despair and dumbness.

I hate it when my skills are not used as I get stupid and stupid each day. I don’t get my mind to work beyond its limits. It’s just working on a monotonous pace that is too boring for a Sagittarian like me. I want growth and a dynamic life.

This is the best time… will be signing off in my current workplace soon, thanks to awesome people that is making my stay long because it’s also hard to forget those shared memories you all have together but then life should go on. Until I do not know where to go, I will still stay. 🙂

Note: I don’t know why I chose this particular page on my notebook… I am not planning to review Physics or Electronics, it just happens to be that I really love this subject back in college – especially Ohm’s Law. I even recalled our capacitors and resistors project. haha

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Project 23

Project 23

This is it, I will try to update my blog regularly starting November 23.

Basically, my objective for this project is to document through snapshots my 365 days until I am 23 years old. I realized that even though you feel so blue there is still one thing that can make you smile at the end of the day and I want to capture that moment.

This project is fueled by passion, desire, determination and optimism. Yes, this is the story of my daily whereabouts. This is the story of my life — the bright side. Bear in mind that all is well. Smile. Life is too short to stress for. 🙂