About Me

I’m Sharon Carol Sta. Maria Lamb.

Spontaneous. Crazy. Blogger. Nature Lover. Computer Baby. Graphic Designer wannabe. Frustrated Programmer. Twitter Spammer. Tumblrista. Creative Bum. Dreamer. Comic Character. Netizen. Owl. Panda Baby. Polar Bear. Facebook Stalker. Music Lover. Adventure Seeker. Eiffel Tower lover. Coffee Slave. Certified Day Dreamer. Furry creatures aficionado. Happy-go-Lucky. Hopeless Romantic.

Current job: Customer Account Executive — in short, dakilang call center agent ng bayang Pilipinas. I am from the Chat Support department so I spend 8 hours of simply sitting, resolved internet issues and do nothing interesting. It kills me as I am still working after a year with no progress at all. It’s like I am so stuck, I really don’t know where to go, in short – LOST LAMB.

This is where my thoughts linger and my emotions chill. Sometimes words and thoughts really need some place to stay in order to preserve the great memories of the present. I guess my emotions just need to be documented in order for me to fully appreciate my life… in its deeper sense.

Who am I is such a cliche in my world.

I consider myself as a complete stranger to my friends, a hopeless romantic who never tells what her heart longs for and a frustrated self-proclaimed artist who is stuck in her nutshell waiting for her moment to arrive.

You see I’m just a regular kid who loves adventure and freedom. But I’m not a regular girl… I’m a bit too conservative to some but hell I’m crazy. Some people think I’m stupid, some think I’m smart and that’s because I can outwit people most of the time but nah – I’m just a bit aware of everything around me. I don’t call it intelligence, I define it as common sense. I always live between two extremes.

Traveling is all I want to do…

Exploring new things, learning from every mistakes that I commit and a spirit that is always game for all the challenges that may come my way defines my existence. I thank God for the gift of flexibility. I know life is a bit harsh but hey at least it is easy for me to move on as long as you lift every single burden to God and live life as if it’s your last. God is my best friend.

Now I’m off to find my personal legend because I believe that the universe will conspire in attaining my goals in life.


Project 23 came out of the blue inspired by several online annual projects like daily snapshots, project 1000, 365 days to blah blah blah. The concept was conceived weeks before my 22th birthday and right after I saw some SLRs at SM Bacolod. I was thinking to do something that is worth remembering before I turn 23. My life is going nowhere as of the moment so I decided that to better appreciate it is to create a photoblog of daily awesomeness of my whereabouts. In tough times and in handling harsh life’s moments, you need to have something that will remind you that life no matter what happens is still amazing.

Since I cannot afford an SLR as of the moment, I decided to settle on a digital camera which is convenient and affordable. I plan to take a snapshot of awesome things that made my day and blog about it. It may not be a daily post since I don’t really surf everyday but I should take a picture each day and share it to the world once I have the ability to go online. I also want to be a good blogger and somehow be famous in the world-wide web.

It is a personal project, a lifeblog of my existence until I am 23 years old thus the name Project 23: Lifeblog of a Daydreamer.

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