Day 10: Corporate Jargons and Millenials

If only I can travel and sleep for a living, I will. I’m stuck in a corporate job doing my best to meet deadlines and targets in order for me to pass my scorecard. It’s mentally draining and most millenials may find it boring, exhausting, frustrating and excruciating when IG posts features lives of dogs and cats that are earning thousands of dollars just for being adorable while on the other hand, I’m here auditing calls and coaching folks to do what they can to hit their metrics.

It’s not that I am ungrateful or hate the job that I do, it’s just that sometimes if you just let it it’ll totally take much of your 24 hour time. I work as a team lead for a famous BPO company in the Philippines and I’m thankful because of it I got my Master’s degree, got a new car, got to travel, paid my bills and invested in insurance plans for my future. Aside from the pros, the cons also outweigh my emotions towards having a nice job.

The BPO industry helped our economy for the past years and I can’t imagine our country without it. As long as you’re English proficient, you will surely land a job. The stress and success goes a long way for those who persevered. It’s not easy to adjust on flexible start times and rest days. It’s crazy especially if you are living far from the office then good luck!

Most employees right now are millenials whose interest and tolerance levels varies. It’s not that they are not competitive, it’s more of pursuing things they are passionate about as much as possible rather than be stuck in a 9 hour work that kills you slowly in the inside. Some always ask, is it worth it to be practical rather than choosing happiness even if it will never pay your bills? Adulthood sucks, nobody knows how to survive this as there is no better way to learn unless you experience it.

Maybe you’re wondering why I came up with corporate jargons and millenials as a title of this blog. TBH IDK.

It’s just that right now, everything is evolving knowing that it’s 2018 already. I appreciate agents who would call me TL rather than tee or teh as it annoys me sometimes knowing that we are working in a call center and you can’t even pronounce it right. TL stands for team lead and OM stands for operations manager… It cringes me as well hearing people calling a manager as “ohm” instead of “oh-em”. There are a lot of corporate Jargons that I live each day and it’s not easy to discuss things to friends who are not on the same industry. Most of my used Jargons are the following:

  • Let’s park that question
  • Doing DDA – deep dive analysis
  • BRB
  • FYI
  • Let’s work on our FTD scores (fiscal to date)
  • PTO please (paid time off)
  • Ensure EOD scores please (end of day)
  • AHT please!
  • Lost hours

And the list goes on and on…

May we all find job to love, value and care about especially if you’re not able to find it yet.

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