Day 5: Share Your Thoughts About Alcohol

I am not a prude. I’ve got my own fair share of alcohol memories and so far most of them are plainly hilarious. On Day 5 of this blogging challenge, I will share my favourite alcoholic beverage and the best memories behind those blurry nights.

Life without alcohol might have ended too early because during my early twenties I can’t find the best solution to my blues except spending late nights with friends and ended up with extreme hang-O the day after. It’s been a weekly routine, I got addicted to the fun that it brings that it gave hope to me each day for I’m looking forward to another crazy weekend. It made life bearable even if I got to face daily shits I don’t have any idea on how to handle.

Some people would say alcohol is not the answer to one’s problem and neither milk nor cola can make you feel better. I can still recall the memories and it can still make me laugh. Remembering those moments make me happy and I would love to experience it all over again.

In my late twenties, I must say that I’m now drinking occasionally. I rather choose sleep than be out with friends and grooving the night away. I’m done with those blurry nights with drunk friends. Apart from the happy memories, I’ve got my own fair share of terrors and miseries. I got heartbroken and all the false hopes killed me once. I don’t know how I was able to move on but I am happy that I did.

Drink responsibly, they say.

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