What Bothers Me.

At 28, where did life take me? I paused as I watched the orange skies melt into darkness.

I watched in awe.

First wave of birthday blues taking its toll and I’m feeling exuberant rather than depressed. I guess it’s about time.

I looked at my Linked profile and updated it, finally adding “,MBA” after my name. I knew the effort I put into my graduate school degree and it was not easy. I must say I took it seriously and even got depressed when I had to deal with a drama I’ll never forget for the rest of my life. I had my fair share of being awarded but after a couple of years I started to appreciate myself. Not all are given the opportunity to be recognized as part of the President’s list, a feat that I was not even proud of.

Today, I watched the skies change its color and I then said… It’s about time.

I’ve been a victim of a feedback loop and simply got stuck in a world I choose to live. A world I loved but a world of unexplored potential. I knew that things should change in promptu. So I let the breeze remind me how beautiful to live and how sad it is to not make use of my own skillset and be at my own prime.

You see, I have a lot of plans. I know that if I pursue something I truly love then I’ll totally succeed. But what do I really love?

There’s a lot of plans and I honestly don’t know where to start.

  • I graduated BS Computer Science with a major interest in web design, game development and animation.
  • I had my Master’s degree in Business Administration with a huge interest on stock markets, marketing, entrepreneurship and strategic management.
  • I passed my Philsat examination to study Law because I wanted to help out on cybercrimes and civil cases.
  • My sudden interest in clothes makes me want to study fashion design and cosmetology.
  • The desire to explore and understand the human mind wanted me to pursue a career in Psychology.
  • Photography and video editing have been a desire I wanted to pursue but got no budget to buy my own gadgets. This goes hand in hand to my desire in traveling to new places.
  • To write my heart out and be a renowned poet of my generation. I wanted to publish a coffee table book before I die.

I wanted to pursue my desires on various fields and I seriously don’t know where to start but I got to start somewhere. I need to do something today to achieve my dreams and be the person I am destined to be.

What bothers me is the lack of push to walk towards my desires. I know I’ve got plans but making it into reality is a constant struggle.

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