Friday Feels.

I no longer know how much of me I can write today. Words I may regret writing and words I will spend time explaining. I wanted to write about how I feel but just the thought of how I will break it down into details make me feel exhausted. There are things I do not understand and questions I would want to ask but I am just tired. My mind is such a beautiful mess and I will just let it be.

I spent more of my time alone today and the solitude is still so comfortable. I did a little temp check and my bothered thoughts are currently contained in the logical center of my brain. I do not know how to resolve my problem but I hope no one is playing around to manipulate things. 

All the why’s and what ifs.

All the thoughts our mind conceived.

All this shit.

I do not understand why I am still in this situation. 

Thy will be done. 

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