It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a poem… 

As I walked away from my thoughts, 

My heart held our memories so tight

and my eyes flooded with pain. 

It was a sober moment with my pent up feelings. 

Enough, said my mind. 

I gripped all of what we have, both good and bad. 

The longer I clasped on each shards of moments we have, 

the more I bleed until I had nothing left. 

Years gone by, I now become a monster of my own past. 

I contemplated several times and waited for a moment that will never happen. 

I looked at how great I was yet clouded by my own weaknesses. 

Gone are the days when I thought of time as my best friend and fate as my mentor. 

The stone may not be casted yet but I’ve decided to quit. 

The battle ended, nobody won except I lose myself in the process of loving you.

I opened my soul to the world full of options. 

I walked away from the raging storm I created after several years of horrendous hopes. 

With bare feet, I rushed away. 


The space between my old selves marked my own maturity. 

I freed thyself from your vines that suffocated me with the idea that you will fight for the love you feel too.