15 Must Visit Spots in Batanes

BATANES!!!! I love you.

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They say that Batanes, the northernmost group of islands in the archipelago, is the place that is the least Philippines without leaving the Philippines (gaze into the landscapes and try not to say the word “Scottish”) Climate-wise, it is the only place in the country that experiences four season year-round (blame it to its very close neighbour, Taiwan). The place can be found on almost everyones travel bucket list, and in my opinion, the ultimate baptism of fire to become a certified lakwatsero or lakwatsera.

So after months of tedious hunt for seatsales (the plane fare to the island is almost the same price going to Japan or Taiwan) planning the perfect itinerary, after days of praying for a perfect weather (the possibility of getting stranded on the island is very high) and making sure that all the details of your trip are ironed out, YOU FINALLY MADE IT!…

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