And so, I’m inlove.

10 Definitive Ways To Tell You’re In Love With The Right Someone via @EliteDaily

So, here I go again with my weekly love thing.

I was scrolling my FB newsfeed looking for something that is actually quite interesting. The hopeless romantic side of me decided to click the link and voila I’m reading another love list that made me “awww”…. whatever.

I am a hypocrite if I say I never dreamt of my own happy ever after. I do. I will start investing soon not because I want to buy my own car but I want to finance that dream wedding I’m looking forward for years now. Technically, I’m single but God knows my heart did not feel that way. If you’re an avid follower of my blog then you’re a living testimony that indeed I’m in love with someone. I cannot deny it because of course I wrote about it. Anyways, it’s a little ironic though because of course I wanted my life to be private but I kept on writing and writing and writing about my feelings. I can’t help it though, it’s like my alter ego won’t stop until it gets all poured out. Now anyone online knows my oh so called love life. Do I need to rehashed it?  Nah, scroll down and explore my blog so you’ll know what I’m blabbering about.

Going back to square one, I found myself deluded by my thoughts. I’m stressed out with work, school, family and the list goes on and depression is haunting its way again but I won’t enslave myself again with negativity. It took me quite some time to battle my demons and I won’t be a slave of it over and over again. Enough said.

So, for someone like me who’s a commitment-phobe thinking about commitment is quite scary because I know it’s getting real this time. I think what I’m feeling right now is quite different from what I’ve ever felt before. I don’t actually know why but yes he’s the best part of my day… always. He’s always I want to text. He’s the one I think about, the one I care about and definitely the one I want to be with. He’s my best friend. It’s not an unrequited kind of thing though because he makes his way in my heart too. Who knows right ? I trust God on this.

It’s scary to find yourself in a very vulnerable state. I know how it feels to be broken, it’s devastating and I’m not ready for that. Geez.

If you ever find yourself in a situation when you’re already on the hooked and can no longer escape it, Good luck! I’m actually letting things happen because I must say he’s the only one that completes my day and I never loved someone as much as I love and value myself.

Cheers to the romantic ones, may they be happy with their “the one “!

Until next …


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