12/04: Attending Class

I’m still working on my master’s degree in Business Administration and I still have at least 3 semesters to go before I finally graduate. I can’t hide my excitement.

Graduate school was really part of my plan when I graduated last 2010. I am weighing all the options if I really want to pursue a Master’s degree in Computer Science which of course will make me such a geek contrary to my crazy demeanor or pursue a Master’s degree in Business Administration which of course will give me a brighter future. I ended up with the latter.

I enjoyed my first semester in graduate school. It was a  breather to my everyday life.  It gave me a sense of normalcy that after three years of working in a world so far than I’ve ever imagined I finally found a direction.

I was able to find my path, my escape to my monotonous and lost life. I’m actually proud of my decisions so far. I’ve invested much towards my education because I know it’ll lead me to success if not then at least realizations that would lead me in finding myself.


I owe it to the company that I’m currently in my post-graduate studies. I don’t know if I’ll stay after I graduate but I’m still willing to give it a shot. I still want to grow in the company. I want to be promoted because I know I’ll be able to help.  Anyways, I won’t stop though… I won’t stop in finding a career that will make the best out of me. 

(Will be edited )

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