Happy 2013!

2012 is over, whether it’s a good year or not I guess it’s about time for us to move forward.  At this very moment, the scene outside of our home makes me smile. A cloudless sky plus a tranquil atmosphere at home makes me glad that I am in my safe haven. Thank you, Lord for a simple Sunday. I hope to have more  perfect Sundays at home.


This 2013, instead of dwelling on my crazy past, I rather live my life as happy as possible. Whatever will be, will always be no matter how you wanted to control the things in your life.


It’s been a tough life and I am happy that I emerged victorious after all the ordeals. I may need a heart of stone in order for me not to get too attached because emotions can sometimes make all decisions hard. This year, I am definitely tired being a fish swimming in the main stream… Hell, even a dead fish can do that so it’s time for me to take charge and be someone I want to be. I may need to swim against the tide and make sure to stand in every decisions that I need to make.


Big Question: What do I really want to be?


The list goes on and on and I don’t even know where to start… bottom line, I just want  to be a better version of myself.


I don’t want to worry too much about my life, instead I’ll just wait for my moment and work hard for today. I trust God because I know he’s just preparing me for a life well lived — a purpose driven life, a life according to his plan.


It’s about time…


… to start planning my short and long term goals.

… to be more positive and accept that shit do happens.

… to be a full pledged blogger who blogs not to rant but to inspire others.

… to finally soul search if this is what I really want to happen in my life, if this is indeed the job that I really want.

… to love and beloved.

… to travel and explore the Philippines.

… to save up for my future.

… to be humbled with all the blessings God has showered upon me and make sure to live an inspiring life.

… to review my bucket list.

… to live my dreams.


Let’s all begin the year with an optimistic outlook and a promise to end it with a smile because you knew that after all the things that have happened you became a better person.


Happy 2013 to y’all. 

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