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10/20 – Day 332: Suffering

Even he suffered for mankind…

There’s a certain degree of agony or pain that we need to endure for us to have a full understanding of our true purpose in life. I guess we really need to go through the things that we don’t like in order for us to fully appreciate and enjoy the things we do like.

I am just like you, I do have dramas. My life was not a breeze even if it appears that I am a happy go lucky kid. It’s not what most people think. I did not even pretend, it’s just that as years go by I developed my outlook in life. I had a happy childhood, been raised well by awesome parents and challenges that helped me to be a better version of myself. Every one needs to face harsh reality in order to grow.

Let me count the ways on what suffering taught me for all these years:

1. Suffering humbled me and drew me closer to God.
2. Suffering made me strong and mature enough to face the consequences of every

decisions I need to make.
3. Suffering made me more optimistic amidst the challenges.
4. Suffering always has a reason, we may not understand it during the moment it

happened but every thing will make sense in the future.
5. Suffering made us understand that we are humans — subject to natural and physical

6. Suffering hurts but it’s one thing that enhances one’s wisdom.
7. Suffering made me understand others more.
8. Suffering taught me to never ever give up on life.
9. Suffering made me appreciate how time heals all wounds.
10. Suffering always make me a better version of myself.

Adversity does teach us valuable lessons. We are able to see ourselves better and let our true worth shine even brighter.

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