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10/10 – Day 322: Courage

Everyday is a test of courage.

Life is hard and not always fair. It’s just the way things are whether we like it or not. We usually whine, snivel around in every decision that we need to make and blame God for every impossible challenges that we need to go through. We need to have the courage to face each hard blows that life has to offer and make the most out of it.

George Bernard Shaw once wrote that we should be a force of nature instead of a feverish selfish little clod of ailments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.We should always expect that pain is inevitable part of life. When it happens all you need to have is a brave soul, a heart that triumphantly beats and a positive mind. We are bigger than our problems, we just need to have the right mindset.It really takes courage to live our lives.

I understand the Courage to Be as the courage to say “yes” to life in spite of all the
negative elements in human existence — in spite of man’s finitude, which means his coming from nothing and going to nothing to die… It takes courage to see in the reality around us and in us something ultimately positive and meaningful and live with it, even love it. Loving life is perhaps the highest form of the courage to be
.” — Paul Tillich

I sometimes ask myself, when will I be ready to step out of my comfort zone? When will I have the courage to take the risk of living like there’s nno tomorrow? I don’t know the answer but what I know is I need to be brave enough to face the future and the consequences of the decisions that I need to make.

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10/05 – Day 317: Be a Blessing!

Excuse me Ma’am/Sir. I’m John an out of school youth knocking your very kind heart asking for favor to please buy my product. Pasensiya po sa abala, nagsusumikap lang po sa pagbinta upang makaipon at makapagpatuloy sa pag-aral. (I am sorry for bothering you, I am just trying to sell my product for me to save and continue my studies.)

Share your blessings. Thank you.
God Bless you a hundredfold.”

My heart melted when I read this one and we can’t help but to buy his product. He’s a young teenage guy who wants to go to school and simply works hard for him to achieve his goals in life. Some may doubt his intentions but the mere effort made me believe in him. I am blessed to have good education and it’s really inspiring to see this guy who is promising and who works hard for his future. I hope some young ones will also value the importance of education in one’s life. They should not take for granted the hardwork, patience and effort their families are doing for them to graduate and be the person they want to be in life.

If there are chances that you can be a blessing to others… grab it and share what you have no matter how little it is, it’s the thought that counts.”

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10/04 – Day 315: Special…

Not special someone but the special one. 😀

He’s special to me and that is what matters most.

What makes him special?

He’s someone who makes me smile, someone who makes me feel real and someone who believes in me especially during the times that I don’t even believe in myself. I love the way his eyes gleam whenever I do something amusing and I love it when we just talk about random things and never get tired of talking.

He also helped me unconsciously in forgetting someone that I really like for almost a year and a half. I won’t say that I don’t love him, that would be hypocrisy. But what I know is that I am scared. I am still scared of commitments, I am still scared of being in a relationship and the complication it can brings. I really don’t know but I am just enjoying this type of friendship. I know he’s special but what matters most is that I am his friend.

Thank you so much for believing in me. Thank you for the good times. Thank you for helping me in letting go of someone I wanted to love for almost a year. Thank you for making me believe in second chances… Thank you for being you whenever I am around. Please forgive me if you think I am running away from you but there are choices I need to make in order to stop the confusion that builds within me. I want to be your friend, just a friend because you’re someone I really want to keep forever. I don’t know what the future brings but what I know is that… there are so many possibilities. 🙂

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10/03 – Day 315: Art

I want to be an arts student because I believed that I need to find my niche. I want to know what type of artist I can be and what art field do I really belong to. There’s a certain joy that being creative brings. It’s my second outlet whenever I feel so stress.

Writing is my first option whenever I feel that the world hates me. They both gives me the sanity I need during tough times. 🙂