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09/15 – Day 297: Beach Dreams

We always have that dream vacation in mind that inspires us to survive each day knowing that one day we’ll chill and unwind to the place that will energize our mind, body and soul. Despite the climate change and all of the crazy weather we are currently having, I still daydream the sound of the waves, the beautiful sun that shines, the blue beach waiting for the sound of my body as it splashes it’s way to happiness and the sand wherein I can run and run until my muscles burn.

I am daydreaming the beach — solo.

What if I start to daydream that I’m with someone?

We can walk and talk about everything and anything. Complain about the scorching heat of the sun while making sand castles, write our names and dreams on sand and let the waves take all of it away and lastly watch in silence the sheer beauty of the salmon sky and sun as it sets.

Maybe just maybe I’ll start to change my perspective in life. I guess I’ll never be alone forever. Ha!

Now I’m getting too melodramatic.

Anyways, dream… dream the places you would like to visit and be inspired to work your way to happiness. 🙂

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09/14 – Day 296: Wallpaper

I love my new typography inspired wallpaper. I won’t deny that I have always been a fan of Paris, France and the Eiffel Tower has been a life – long fetish. I get to carry my dream place wherever and whenever I want to. It also serve as a reminder that I need to work harder for me to visit the place I have longed to visit for years.

Comment ca va? Bien.:)

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09/13 – Day 295: How Hard Life Can Be?

Life is hard, if it’s not how can we appreciate LIFE?

One of the best quote I encountered this week was “We should be able to look forward not only to growing up, but also to continued growth in all human dimensions throughout life. All should aspire to make as much of their powers as they can.” — Mortimer Adler

We need to accept every challenge… some may seem to be so impossible to surpass. Heartbreaks that you thought you can never ever moved on — hey seriously, it took a lot of time but I did move on and I am happy it happened. At least, I am wiser. Damaged yes, but then again I am wiser. 🙂

Learning from experiences and accepting the fact that life is hard equates to deeper sense of life appreciation.

We need to be positive. We need to grow.

Pain is inevitable. Misery is optional.” — Tim Hansel

Be happy!

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09/11 – Day 293: Excellence

Our rewards in life will always be directly proportional to what we give to it. When I doubt myself, I just look at the product of my efforts in college and say: “You are good, that’s why you have me!”

Whenever I recall my senior life in college, juggling the best of my Computer Science days with our capstone project, web programming and all those kind of math that makes me sick plus being part of the yearbook staff and head of the Red Cross Youth I can’t help but to wonder how I survived it with flying colors. Oh and all those life dramas I have back then, seriously — that was rock bottom or should I say absolute zero of my life. I don’t know how I survived it victoriously but faith surely played its part too well. Thank you Lord… and all those things that have happened humbled me.

It made me more mature and I valued life to its very essence.

For the tears I shed, thank you. Without it, I will never be stronger than I thought I could be.

I trust God more today than I have ever trusted him before. I am rebuilding myself focussing more on my strengths and improving my flaws. I am more optimistic and definitely ready to whatever challenges that may come my way as I know that it will all happen for me to become the best version of myself.

To you I lift it all, my lord. 🙂

Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask, but when we are challenged to be what we can be. ” — Morris Adler


09/09 – Day 291: Pep Talks

Pep Talks.

Why is it needed? For me, to keep my sanity when I am so impatient.

I usually do pep talks to myself when I am impatient, sad or frustrated. I am my best motivator. When things are not running softly, I tell myself that this too will pass and that tomorrow is another day. When I am impatient, I tell myself that I can handle this and that this is just another test of patience I need to endure. When it comes to my love life, I tell myself that in God’s time, the right one wll come along. I just need to live with the struggles, the problems, the crazy twists and turns that life may bring. I just need to totally live with it and believe that in indeed, just like the Kelly Clarkson’s song, WHAT DOESN’T KILL YOU MAKES YOU STRONGER!

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09/08 – Day 290: Tumblr on Mobile

Tumblr is my safe haven, it’s where my thoughts linger, my rants, frustrations and other stuffs that is not quite awesome. WordPress on the other hand is my happy place where I can share to the world my daily awesome things. Blogspot is where I used to post my poems and love problems, well that was before TUMBLR.

I feel inlove with Tumblr because it is simple and user friendly. You can easily reblog stuffs that you can totally relate to, write your thoughts, share a video or a picture and follow your favorite tumblristas. I got addicted to it back in college and been addicted to it for years. Now, I cannot help but fall in love to what I have recently downloaded in Google Play, the Tumblr application for Android.

Seriously? I can’t help but smile. I can now express what’s on my mind especially in times that my mind is having it’s own verbal diarrhea.

Oh feel free to know me more:

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09/07 – Day 289: On Sand, Booze and Fake Tattoos

Boracay — Enuf said.
A friend told me lately if we can go back this October to summer paradise and chill again just like the old times. Suddenly I can’t help my mind to stop reminiscing those good memories we had on the beach.

All those crazy card games, our wholesome drinking sessions, Marc Nelson — Boracay’s resident tourist spot (lol), solo moments while watching the beautiful sun as it sets and also the series of laugh trips plus the most stressful lunch I had, now those were my epic moments in paradise. The big catch? I got to spend it with my college yearbook friends and still my friends after 2 years. I don’t want to go back to Boracay anymore if they’re not the ones that I’ll be with though. I’ll just end up comparing the memories. Oh well, hoping for another summer blast soon!

Summer of 2010 — relived.