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08/02 – Day 253: Paparapapa Love ko Toh!

Back to our old tambayan, recalling the days we used to spend after activity hours months before graduation suddenly brings too much nostalgia. Today we bid goodbye to one of our dearest friend ever – Ms. Kim as she finally ventures out and take risks to a place new to her(wow drama! haha). I know she have waited too long for this and I’m glad that it’s finally happening.

It’s nice to have fries and sundae with old time friends who were there through good times and bad. All the frustrations, the heartaches, the corny jokes and the random banters wherein the walls serve as witnesses in all of our craziness is surely one delightful thought to remember. All the coffees chug down to hype up my system, the reports that need to be finish and submitted to the office of student affairs, the planning of future activities and meeting agenda, all the stress Red Cross brought me way back in college is something that I am glad to experience. It used to be my way of life, being too workaholic for a cause that I love so much. Leading a team that eventually became my closest circle of friends after 2 years was one of the best achievements I have. No medals, certificates and awards can ever replace the greatest people I have been with. The memories bring certain kind of joy that is fulfilling and personally it has been a humbling experience. I don’t need to type all their names as I know they definitely know who I am referring to. I miss the good ol days. I miss the Crackbang barkada. 😀

I wish I will have that same drive again… the will to succeed. I guess I just need time to motivate myself again. I know what I am capable of, I just don’t need to prove my worth. I’ll do what I need to do, it’s my decision though if I will do my best or just settle on being a mediocre, worst – a failure. Some may think I am lazy, no goals or whatsoever — well, I don’t really care. I have plans, I just don’t like talking about it especially if I am still not certain. Therefore whatever happens… bring it on, I’ll take it… just don’t underestimate. 🙂

P.S.: If I am down, I just love to sit and recall all the good memories spent in the best tambayan place ever — Mc Donalds – Lacson.

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