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08/01 – Day 252: To the Road of the Unknown Future

I feel like walking…
to walk for me to think things through,
to think things and ponder upon,
to be in a surreal place,
to be in a world where I want to be.

To the unknown future I may need to face,
to the uncertainties the world needs to reveal,
to the challenges I need to survive,
and to the lessons I need to reflect after a sad plight.

Today, I feel like a speck in a world full of glam.
I started not to care as there will come a time,
that this day will serve as a best memory,
of a beautiful today, unravelled in the future.

As the road sets to nowhere,
I stare.
I ponder.
I smile.
No matter what’s in store in the near horizon…
I know I will survive.

Today, I started not caring.
I leave everything to fate and choice.
Today, I started believing.
I leave everything to God and his time.

The road to the unknown future…
is the road that we set to walk everyday.
The road to the distant past…
is the road that inspires us today.

Whatever happens tomorrow,
I am glad that I have today.
And if tomorrow never comes…
I am glad I seized the day.

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