08/27 – Day 278: Life

Life as we know it… full of twists and turns.
A series of infinite possibilities…
A beauty amidst the chaos and miseries…

Life is really beautiful and what makes it beautiful is when you know that you have survive each pains, struggles and challenges victoriously. At the end of the day, you just thank God that it happened because if not you’ll not be the best version of yourself. Smile and believe that every pain has its significance, that every thing that happens in this world has a reason… sometimes you’re jaded but sooner or later it’ll make you understand why it just needs to happen. Someday, everything will make sense.

Live. Love. Laugh. — That’s life is all about. πŸ™‚

Life, oh life, my life! πŸ™‚


08/24 – Day 275: Time to Ponder

Ways to bum at home…

ponder what have happened to my day and smile because I gladly survived it. There are times that my day is not going well or days wherein I just don’t want to do anything at all so I just let the time flies as I sleep and dream(But before I doze off to neverland I usually recall those events that made me grin, at least).

Sometimes, I just want to think of someone especially on why he came and left, on why I meet strangers at the alley and why some of my friends can not keep a secret… and the rest of random thoughts go on and on until I decided to take charge of my sanity and realized that I have a lot of things to do than sit around and bum my way to end the day. To be honest there are a lot of things to ponder about especially on how to be who you wanted to be, on how to finally chase your dreams and on how to live the life you always wanted to live. This thoughts you pondered upon each day begins to serve as an inspiration on why you need to rise and seize every moment of your life.

I always used my time to ponder on what could have been and how to make it right. It’s the best way for me to continue learning by owning up my mistakes and see what I can do for my future.

And now I am getting deep.

Oh well. I say, you spend at least 15 minutes each day to re-run in your mind what have happened within the day. Appreciate the free lunch offered by your friend, the long conversation shared with your officemate, the smile of your crush, the trust given to you by your boss, the laughters shared with people or the simple beauty of the sun as it finally sets right before your eye. Those things are precious, those things we sometimes don’t mind and seems insignificant can make you realized that life is beautiful and definitely — the best things in life are priceless. πŸ™‚

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08/23 – Day 274: Rainbow

I forgot my camera. I am so sorry for the poor quality of this picture.


What’s a rainbow by the way?

{ A rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that is caused by reflection of light in water droplets in the Earth’s atmosphere, resulting in a spectrum of light appearing in the sky. It takes the form of a multicoloured arc. Rainbows caused by sunlight always appear in the section of sky directly opposite the sun. — Okay, enough of SCIENCE. Credits:}

Oh well.

Just like after the great flood, the rainbow symbolizes a new beginning. An assurance that God will no longer allow any deluge such as extreme flood to clear out the evilness of mankind.


A rainbow for me is one of the best beauty of nature… so simple yet brings a significant joy in every sightseer. It brings that certain kind of hope to the hopeless, a smile to those who are depress, a light to those who no longer sees it and of course an inspiration to dreamers. πŸ™‚

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08/19 – Day 270: Old Slow Computer

Ace (my computer) here is already 4 years old and definitely needs an upgrade. He feels so primitive and outdated compared to the other computers in the market but nevertheless I love this old thing. He’s my partner in crime to whatever I do online and offline. He’s my aid in making my assignments, googling stuffs, my portal in the world of social networking and my thesis mate who never lets me down. We used to be frenemies… he can sometimes be slow… well thanks to my RAM and processor.

Anyhoo, I just love this poor thing… this year you really need to get back to where we started buddy, the world of digital arts. All we need is a simple makeover. πŸ˜‰