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07/15 – Day 235: Amazing Spider Man

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep!”

The current spidey movie is surely hitting two birds in one stone – for sure. You know why?
I love Spider Man (my most favorite superhero) and this time my ultimate crush is playing the role of Peter Parker. I am oogling over Garfield since The Social Network as Eduardo Saverin, and he certainly did not fail me.

I may not be totally impress with the movie but I can say that Andrew Garfield put justice with the role given to him. He’s surely hotter than Toby Maguirre. I think I just hated the sound system in the cinema or the fact that I watched it alone since most of my friends have watch it already (late bloomer as usual). It’s a fun to watch movie since Parker here is just a high school skater boy trying to find himself and deciphering what have happened to his parents. He’s one cool spidey playing tetris while waiting for The Lizard on his web. Fight scenes wise, it’s not superbly amazing but what I know is that it did not disappoint me at all. I am still glad that I was able to watch it and I am not really the type who dwells more on the plot of the story just to judge if it’s a good movie or not. No matter what, for me a good movie is something that would make me feel happy after watching it. 🙂

Is it his hair or his smile? I don’t know… what I know is that he’s indeed breathtaking. 😉

Thanks to this awesome links for the pixies:

Note: This may be an original post but not the pictures. whew!

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