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06/30 – Day 220: The New Path

I learned to love my work.
I learned to see myself staying for long this time… well, that was yesterday. Today changed my perception… I may be jaded but at least now that I have a path, a direction that I am willing to take and it’s to finally let go and seek for better opportunities. I can’t stand being taken for granted for my efforts and just like that… just like a snap, I lost everything that I hoped and everything that I wanted to learn.

If you just knew how much I sacrificed…
I did let go my master’s degree education because of my job that would require me to be flexible with my schedule. I let go of better opportunities in Manila because I wanted to make things work here since I don’t want to be away with my family.
I tried to understand and that everything is just part of a bigger plan but I guess ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I don’t want to be treated like a shit. I hate to say this… and as much as I don’t want to think that I was just being used, well then again… they still made use of what I have without even saying thank you, without even asking me if it’s okay, without even consulting others for the decisions that they need to make.

How can you call yourself leaders… if you don’t know how to lead.
Oh well…
It’s time to move on… and I am bound to a fresh start. I don’t know where but I am willing to take risks. 🙂

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