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07/25 – Day 245: Missing the Red Gang

Who won’t miss the good times with great people?
I do.

I miss my Red Cross friends especially the leadership trainings, meetings, deployments and random activities. I miss my officers who became my true friends until now. I miss the members who are now the best leaders of their time and of course, they never cease to make me proud of who and what they become.

Siammo Tutti Fratelli!

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07/24 – Day 244: December Excitement

A sudden excitement of the yuletide season is what I am feeling right now. I am still looking for a new job as part of my career change in 2013 and I think I cannot wait any longer for that. I would admit things are starting to get okay with my work but I don’t know until when. I need to have a new plan and my decision haven’t change still. I really need to go but of course I need to weigh the options well. I don’t want to leave because I don’t want to leave my mom but I am missing some great opportunities away from my comfort zone. With my skill set, I believed I can do better. I am confident that I will find a good opportunity, I just want to do something that I really love and of course pays well.


I will wait until Christmas is over and see.
Life is all about perfect timing, thy will be done. 😉

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07/23 – Day 243: Feel Good Notebook

I decided to keep a notebook where I write all the relatable quotes I have read online, in books and magazines. I will try to write all the compliments I have too just for me to have a feel good notebook to read especially if I have the blues. This will serve as a reminder of how awesome I can be despite all the pitfalls.

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07/21 – Day 241: High School Scrapbook

It was fun to recall some high school memories through my scrap book. The organizations I am affiliated with, my classmates and our field trips to home for the aged and orphanages and also our activities that enhanced our potentials and developed us as young leaders.

I am now inspired to make my college and work scrapbook. 😉


07/20 – Day 240: Sleepy Day

Heavy rains plus flooded streets for 2 days… and I just want to doze off after work. We saved our roosters from the flood in our backyard and I slept at around 1pm. Sadly, I was not able to finished something and attend to something important since I am so sleepy and feels so sickly after the morning shenanigans. Oh well, two aspirins made me well and I’m off to work. It’s awesome as I was able to recover from my fever after I sleep. 😉

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07/18 – Day 238: Paradise Dreams

I always dream of travelling, not daydreams but real dreams after I hit the sack.
I have no idea what the meaning of my dreams are but what I know is that it’s indeed beautiful. The white sand, clear water beach and beautiful weather made me feel so blissful. I can feel that it’s so real and will be real someday. I am just bothered on why I keep on dreaming of paradise, it’s like there a hidden meaning on why it keeps on recurring almost everyday. It’s either I’m travelling by road, by sea or by air… but bottomline, the journey is always beautiful. I feel like I am on a different realm… and I wake up not with regrets but with joy and uncertainty.

If you guys have any idea about this kind of dreams, please leave a comment and we’ll talk about it. 🙂


07/17 – Day 237: Letter to My 22 Year Old Self

After reading the May edition of Cosmopolitan wherein Leah Salonga, Eugene Domingo, Joey Mead and all other fearless women wrote a letter to their old selves, I realized that it’s better if I have my own version of it too.

Let me share to you a paragraph of what I have written for myself.

Dear 22 Year Old Me,

As time passes by, you should thank God for what have happened in your life. It’s been a decade and who you are today is a product of what have happened in the past.

I was able to face adversity with a strong heart. I was able to surpass conflicts successfully and realized that I am indeed strong and patient. I tried to understand the situation first, weighing the pros and cons before acting based on my emotions which can sometimes be disastrous. Rage and revenge will never be the best solution to problems and conflicts. I find people who trash talk others without any evidence at all as douchebags and pathetic who simply waste my time and energy. I don’t need to explain the real score about me, where I came from and my life all over again. I don’t give a damn as I know the truth.

I am 22 and still egocentric. At least, I am honest to myself.

I am lost.

I don’t know who I will be 10 years from now or if I will still be alive by then but no matter what, I just simply want to enjoy what life has to offer. May the darkness, lost in the labyrinth kind of life I have today will make sense in the future which I know it will be.

I may be happy with what I turned out to be but I am still scared of the future. I may whine about my love-hate relationship with my job but I know it’s likeable and tolerable somehow. Well, at least I get to pretend that I like it everyday just to set my mind to work and be the best that I can be. I motivate myself rather than sulk into miseries and feel so hopeless. I long for the day that I’ll do the job that I really dreamed about and will surely love. I pray for that day and what I can do right now is be the best that I can be right now so that I’ll end up with no regrets at all.

What I know is that I am meant to for something greater but I don’t know what that something is. I hope my long wait will be over soon. I know it will as God will always be on my side no matter what.You know you are a tough young woman, a dreamer, a go-getter and never gives up. You are always game for challenges and adventures. You never cease to dream and make the best version of yourself. You always contemplate on things and thank God for everything. You hate the routine life. You are laidback and simple. At 22, you have dreams waiting to be fulfilled.

Please don’t forget you’re still young.
I know you worry about something and that is to waste your life doing something insignificant.

Learn to live your life one step at time. Just enjoy it!

“Life goes on.
Life is a series of events that shape you into who you wanted to be.
God is there.
God will always be there .
Trust in his power and embrace each struggles whole – heartedly.
Live with faith and love.
Embrace your awesomeness!”


22 year old — Carol 🙂