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06/07 – Day 197: Praying

I pray not because I have problems but I do pray for all the blessings and for the strength to overcome each challenges that comes my way or just plainly talking to God how my day went by without me doing anything stupid. I appreciate how my life turned to be despite the pains that I have been through. We are all carrying our own personal crosses, we have dreams that we need to let go because current circumstances won’t allow you to take that step, burdens that we just need to accept and no matter how difficult life can be, always remember that you are not alone and what you are currently feeling is just another period in our life wherein we have learned more about ourselves. Everything happens for a reason and with God nothing is impossible if you just believe in his power to make you realized that life is beautiful.

How can we appreciate happiness if we were not able to experience misery?
How can we appreciate life if we were not able to learn from our mistakes?
How can we appreciate ourselves if we were not able to experience all the challenges that life can bring?
How can we appreciate God if none of all the bad things have happened?
How can we grow if all is fair in this world?

I will no longer wait for the day that I will hit rock bottom just to appreciate him and repent to all of my sins. He is the best friend you can ever have as he does not talk, he just listens and shows you the answer to all your prayers in his own perfect time. Thanks for all the blessings and I will no longer blame you for all the bad things that have happened to me as who I am now is just exactly what I wanted. I am so sorry for not realizing it too soon that what I have experienced before is just part of your plan. Thank you though… for everything. 😉

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