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05/25 – Day 184: College Grades

I took my entrance exam for Master’s in Information Technology. Oh well, I think I screwed it because I really forgot about Theory of Computation and also solving the time on how processors process data. Seriously? T’was like 2 years ago and I’m just doing HTML programming right now but alongside with it I’m reviewing PHP and exploring new languages as well! lol Anyway, I got my transcript and saw my grades. I actually got a 1.0 score in Christian Morality and 1.1 in my Humanities Class — which is my most favorite minor subject. My lowest was 3.3 in Integral Calculus and I’m proud because only few actually survived this class. I think it was less than 15 in our section. Oh well! It’s just fun to see your grades again — grades that you really worked hard for. 😉

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