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05/11 – Day 170: Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

He’s famous… I know.

The man behind Apple technologies, genius, wise businessman, innovator and an inspiration – he is Steve Jobs.

I started liking him back when our Operating Systems professor let us watched Pirates of the Silicon Valley. I am inspired of his works and his memorable quotes to live by. I don’t want to blog about Steve Jobs achievements and his life or whatsoever all I want to say right now is that he is an inspiration for me to be better in the world of information technology. We all have potentials and the next step is on how to make the best use of it. Steve Jobs never stopped dreaming. He has always been thinking of ways to make his works improve. He is a visionary, a man who never ceases to make things that suit in every lifestyle. His works may be expensive but then it’s all worth it.

I long for the day I can acquire a Mac computer to start enhancing my skills in graphic design. 🙂

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