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05/04 – Day 163: Vanity

My favorite lip shade…

Maybe because of stress or I just want to try the bronzer and the make-up foundation that I got so I decided to do something with my face. I am not really good in make-up nor interested in cosmetics as I am not really vain. A little bit of powder on rare occasions will do but on daily basis my face is just as it is – raw and boring. haha

Oh well, I finally find the best lip shade where I mixed hot red with a pink lip balm and mixed it. I guess this one is for photo purposes only as I cannot imagine myself wearing make up at the office – Never.

I know I am not beautiful but I am not insecure. I love the way I look and I love myself for being me. I embrace each flaws and focus on my strengths rather than lamenting on things that I will never be and will never have.

I rather be the simple and boring me — hassle free. 🙂

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