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05/25 – Day 184: College Grades

I took my entrance exam for Master’s in Information Technology. Oh well, I think I screwed it because I really forgot about Theory of Computation and also solving the time on how processors process data. Seriously? T’was like 2 years ago and I’m just doing HTML programming right now but alongside with it I’m reviewing PHP and exploring new languages as well! lol Anyway, I got my transcript and saw my grades. I actually got a 1.0 score in Christian Morality and 1.1 in my Humanities Class — which is my most favorite minor subject. My lowest was 3.3 in Integral Calculus and I’m proud because only few actually survived this class. I think it was less than 15 in our section. Oh well! It’s just fun to see your grades again — grades that you really worked hard for. πŸ˜‰


05/24 – Day 183: Choices

The choices we make define our existence.

The choices we make can surely change the course of our life.
We can’t escape it, everyday we make choices and some of them we regret but then in the end we just need to embrace it.
Some are choices that we thought were wrong at first but in the end it enlightens us and make us realized that we made the right decision.
It is just that it unfolded its significance during the late part of our struggles or success.
Your choice, whether it is right or not — you just got to face its consequences.

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05/17 – Day 176: Inspiring Quote

“Whatever you are be a good one” — Abraham Lincoln

It is really one of thr inspiring quotes that I have read. True, whoever, whatever you are be a good one indeed. If you are a singer, be the best in your field. If you are a painter, paint and be the greatest painter of all time. If you are dancer, dance as if it’s the greatest performance of your life. If you are a writer, write as if you are the bestselling author.

I know we all have different sets of skills and talents… all we need to do is be the best version of ourselves.

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05/16 – Day 175: Panda Run

This game I downloaded from Google Play is surely addictive and definitely fun. Some may think that it’s the android version of Temple Run but I don’t care. It has bugs though but I can live with it. I think I am playing almost everyday. The panda is so cute and I love the feeling that I feel whenever I ran and reached the top score. The best way to enjoy your time. πŸ˜€