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04/01 – Day 130: Book to Read

Good Book.

I tried to look for a good book that will not just make me think but will also inspire me until I caught myself reading the summary of several fiction books that talk about vampires, unreciprocated love, world mysteries and love stories. I don’t think I need those cheesy stuffs as of the moment until I came across to Paulo Coehlo’s books that surely spiked up my interest. I choose books that I can surely relate to. I remembered last night as I arranged my books in my bedroom, I came across The Alchemist, Coehlo’s masterpiece. It was old and dusty, the last time I read the first part of it was years ago for a book report. I even borrowed it from my best friend. I began reading it and I am inspired by the story of the boy who is in search of his dream as all of us wants to discover our own Personal Legend.

Actually, I was caught up between 2 books to buy, one was Veronika Decides to Die and the other one was Aleph but I decided to buy the latter because it posed one strong question that just not made me think but also made me realized that this is indeed the question I have been asking to myself for months now. “Are we where we want to be, doing what we want to do?”

Now I am off to finished The Alchemist to finally read Aleph. 😉

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