04/28 – Day 157: Summer Cleaning

Today, I just want to clean my room and I am happy with the result of my hard work. It is now well arranged, no more dusty side table and scattered papers. The smell of the clean bed sheet is so enticing that I just want to sleep the whole day. I always love hanging out in my room so I rather have it organized so that I can think well.

Another weird thing about me: When my mind is disoriented with various things I clean the house. It helps me in making decisions. πŸ˜‰

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04/25 – Day 154: Jack

He will always be my favorite pup.

The night before he died, he was extremely sick and cannot even walk. I was sitting just a few centimeters away from him. He was lying down the floor but when he saw me he forced himself to walk towards me and lean his snout on my lap. I can’t help myself but cry as I was scared that he may not last long. I never expected that Jack will be sick like this. He was always been an active dog, cheerful, fun and the best running mate. He loves to play and gives you power hugs. I always look forward to go home because I know that I will have this pup who jumps and jumps as he wants to be carried to lick your face.

Now that you’re gone, I guess I need to move on as we still have Poipoi to take care of. I just want you to know that I love you so much buddy. Thanks for making me smile despite those random days when I just want to give up. Thanks for being a blessing to our family. You have been extremely amazing.

Jack, enjoy dog heaven.

Until we meet again, buddy. I will surely miss you.

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04/21 – Day 150: Commitment Rites

11 Candles.

9 Young leaders who committed theirselves to excel and do their best for the next 2 years.

2 previous young leaders who committed to support the transition period of the newly elected officers.

1 leader who will helped the young leaders to be the best person that they can be, enhanced their skills, train them to be a good example to others and gather more young souls to serve the suffering humanity.

We don’t know who’s light will the first to burn out, we don’t know who will be left in the end but what we know is that we committed ourselves into something that we believed and loved. Together, we will shine and inspire other young people to be the light in this world.

I am a Red Cross Volunteer and I committed to support the organization as long as I am here in Bacolod and as long as I live. It made me into who I am today, my skills were enhanced, talents were discovered and the things that I have never thought I will be doing, I have done it. Those experiences mold me to be a better person and half of the adventures I have came from my RCY life.

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04/20 – Day 149: Best Cafe


I met up with my Red Cross friends and planned for the new officers’ strategic planning. I love the chill ambiance of the coffee bar as it is really fit for random meet ups for meetings and also just to catch up with our friends lives. I realized that in this place I did establish some fun/crazy memories. I knocked my head after my friends told me that my ultimate celebrity crush is gay and today I just had admitted that I am slightly tormented. (WTH?)

Anyways, don’t ask me why I am tormented.

Oh well, those Buglas cafe moments that make me smile is something that will linger in my mind for a while.

Again, T.G.I.F.!