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03/24 – Day 122: Summer!

Oh yeah finally I tried Mc Donald’s summer medley floats. It’s refreshing — YES. Well this picture is really more than that…

Let’s talk about summer, not the movie but the time of the year wherein all you want is to chill and run on the sands of the best beaches near you. You definitely have the time to do what you want to do… the freedom from school works, projects and meetings. Well, that was years ago and now I am employed to a company wherein holidays and definitely summer is not a time for us to take a break. It is still work, work and work to meet the business needs of course. Welcome to the cruel world! Oh well… life as we definitely know it.

Anyways, this summer I want to decide into something that will make my life change. Maybe try to make up my mind if I will really take up Master’s degree or not, try to venture out and look for a different career opportunities that will hone my skills and make me the best that I can be and also to be free from all the responsibilities for a week.

Retrospectively speaking, I just want to try something different, my ability is on a par with my ambitions. What I have now is something I can enjoy for the moment but I know this will not last for long. My mind may be into it because I want to excel in everything that I do but I can never cheat my heart. I tried to fall in love with my work but then I am here because I fell for someone. Oh, it did not make sense — just don’t mind me I’m blabbing again. Sorry!

Summer — right.

Day 122 is awesome because of the USLS – CRCY Senior’s Tribute. I salute all the seniors who dared to make a difference, who spent their free time doing worthwhile humanitarian activities all for the love of Red Cross and who never quit despite all the odds. The odds indeed was in their favor though. They surpassed it all victoriously. Thank you to those who were inspired by my impromptu speech. It’s been a while since the last time I gave one but whatever it was that I have said last night, I mean it. All the good memories you had — cherished it and all the struggles you have faced on the way — just smile as you have overcome it. I hope that graduation is not the end of it all. Please do continue to take care of other people and support the causes of the premiere humanitarian organization. I just can’t let go of something so inspiring… who I am today is a product of what I have learned from my past.

This is the start of my summer. The time wherein I am inspired to inspire. Live. Laugh. Love.

P.S.: I’m thinking of an awesome beach trip… WHERE TO? 🙂

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