03/21 – Day 119: Magnum

Magnum chocolate.

I remembered I began tweeting about this like a month ago before it hit the market when Raymond Gutierrez began tweeting about it. I am more of a Cornetto lover but of course I won’t deny that I always scream for ice cream as it’s the best pick me upper after a long and stressful day. Anyways, I tried Magnum ice cream for the first time. It is a bit expensive compared to its competitors but I can say that it’s the best treat if your day had been so totally messed up with that you just want a royal treatment. The chocolate coating and the vanilla ice cream inside is really yummy. It is the best source of sudden joy because it is indeed chocolate-y.

Oh well, Cornettos are still irreplaceable in my heart. Magnum is good, let’s eat it just once a month!haha so save up… 😉

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