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03/15 – Day 113: Zerprise!

Oh yeah it’s our friend’s boyfriend’s birthday and who happens also to be part of my circle of friends — the Crackbang barkada.

Our friendship started 2 years ago as we have been org mates for quite some time but our friendship did not stop after graduation. We still hang out once in a while and annoy each other in Facebook with our silliness and random tags just to say “Hey, it’s been a while!” or “Hey I hate you, you did not go to (insert the usual hangout place here)”. The funniest thing about this day is that it should really be a surprise party, yeah the one you used to see on the boob tube where people jumps from no where and scream “SURPRISE!” but then it did not turn out to be what we have expected. The celebrant was not in his office thus an epic fail on our end, we waited not quite long when he came and hid in the closet/storage room then after a while we just came out of the door and screamed “Happy Birthday!!!”

We may not be complete that day because of other commitments and priorities, I can say that somehow we made Blaine’s birthday undeniably crazy. Of course it was planned out by his girlfriend and we’re just the supporting actresses in their love story. I wish them well and also for our friendship to last for a lifetime. I am glad that they have crossed my way and I surely cherished all the good times we have spent together.

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