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03/14 – Day 112: Picture of a Beautiful Sunset

Since we have this rule: “No electronic devices on the production floor” I was not able to capture that beautiful and melodramatic sunset so better draw it instead. It is not as beautiful as the real one but c’mon somehow it looks like it just use your awesome imagination. 😉

Anyways, that beautiful sunset reminds me of all the awesome things that have happened in my life for the past 22 years. I surely want to visit the beach. Run on the sands and feel the sea breeze whipping my hair will surely set me on the mood to be happy. I am happy to be free, free from the hustles and bustles of work and the monotony of my daily life in the city. Being happy is a mindset, I can be happy with what I am doing today because it is my choice but the happiness travelling gives me is really beyond the happiness I feel in casual days. I am born under the fire signs and that only means I am always up for adventure. My burning desire to explore, to live freely and dare to live life to the edge is unstoppable. It fuels my creative mind to work and think as sane as possible. An adventure can help me learn more about myself, discover my potentials and also make me decide on what will be the best next step to do especially if I have plans that bother me.

All I want is a beach trip this summer… may be alone or with friends. I just want to meet the sun, the sand and the beach again. 🙂

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