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03/13 – Day 111: Future Plans

Part of my bucket list is to pursue a master’s degree. I am now torn on what to take up this June or should I just wait for the right time and take it when I finally find the best course that would suit my likes. My desire to be greater than I can imagine has never stopped but one thing is for sure, I don’t want to compete anymore. I am just doing my best whether I love what I am doing or not. Excellence comes like a breeze when I am into something that I am passionate about and for its opposite, excellence comes with either a little or too much effort. I know that if I take up MBA I would be putting effort into it as I am not really interested in business related courses but I know that it would really land me a good job someday and a bright future for me if I still stay in the company that I have been working for almost two years. My desire is about technology, the vast life on the web, the amazing world of multimedia arts and designing. I cannot live my life without a dose of madness and creativity. I am not good in math, I can consider myself an average kid, at least back in college I am proud that I was not enrolled in Math 0 for freshmen who did not pass the cut off grade in Math and never had any failing grade. At least I survived Computer Science without repeating any subject but it does not also mean that I have the guts to pursue Masters in Computer Science. I really don’t have interest in hard core programming. To become a gaming developer used to be my dream but after our capstone project I came to realized that it really requires patience and I guess I am not patient, persistent and ready to be a full-fledged programmer. I want to be a graphic and web designer, a college professor or a photographer. Simple dreams indeed, now where will my knowledge goes then? Why did I take up Computer Science and not even practicing it? Well, I am still into it though… I still want to be a web programmer. 😉 Masters in Information Technology suits my future plans and also it is what I really want ( to go back to the world of technology and be a project manager, a website designer/developer, IT consultant etc. — Now I am daydreaming! lol) and if I finally decide then yes — I’ll be enrolling this June. Hello La Salle once again! 🙂

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