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03/02 – Day 100: Best Decision I Made

As far as I can recall, I have been a member since I was in my freshman years in high school but I am not really that active as I don’t participate in Red Cross Youth activities up to my sophomore year. It was indeed one of the best decision I made when I tried to join the Basic Leadership Training when I was in third year high school and I enjoyed it much that I’ve been an active member up to this very moment. The huge impact that training made was really great that I’ve been active for the past 8 years.

Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that caters the needs of the people especially in times of disaster and conflicts. Anyways, I am not here to discuss about Red Cross but I am here to share on how it made my life awesome. You can visit for more information about the organization. Please take note that Red Cross is more than just blood donation.

Ever since, I have been an active student and juggling extracurricular activities and academics were never been a problem for me. I never stopped being part of the Red Cross Youth from Ramon Torres National High School up to University of St. La Salle and even if I am part of the corporate world already, the fun never stopped. It was the best-est decision I made because I owe my personality and leadership skills to RCY. It made me value my life and myself more by engaging into different youth activities that will surely enhanced your character. I have done things I never did before. It made my school life so worthwhile and memorable. I met people from different walks of life and enjoyed my life more by appreciating what I have and there were a lot of experiences that humbled me. I salute the volunteers who have spent there time more in catering for the needs of others than their own family. The people I worked with, the friendship I made for the past few years was simply amazing. I met the best people and the best friends because of RCY.

Surely there is no noble heart than a heart of a volunteer! ♥

P.S.: I am out of words. geez! I’ll write more about soon… 😦

4 thoughts on “03/02 – Day 100: Best Decision I Made”

  1. Being in the Red Cross is a noble thing. There is nothing more noble than helping those in need. I was once a Red Cross member in my school. I was even president during my senior year of High School. Those were the best days of my life. Helping people is fulfilling.

    1. That is so true… actually I can’t just stop being part of the organization. It’s really hard if you get infected by the Red Cross Virus. 😉 Indeed, there is no noble heart than a heart of a volunteer.

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