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02/29 – Day 98: February Ends with a Beng!

Today, I decided to do all the things that I want to do especially if I am travelling and the only difference is that I am still in my hometown. I tried to go to the mall and shop, relax by having a spa date with myself, discover a new coffee haven in the middle of the busy streets of Bacolod and just enjoyed the life of being alone and being a stranger in a very familiar place.

FilRus coffee bar offers Krispy Kreme donuts! I remembered how badly we craved for KK since we do not have one store here and everything is just based on orders and reservations which is so tedious. I bought couple of boxes when I went to Manila just to suffice my cravings last January but then this coffee bar offers it how exciting as I already know a place where I can go to when I craved for KK donuts. Anyways, let’s go back on what made this day awesome. I realized that by being alone, it really gave me a lot of time to think and appreciate myself more.

I will try to check out all the coffee bars in Bacolod — I shall add this on my Bucket List. So far I have been to the following:

  1. FilRus
  2. Bob’s
  3. Piettro
  4. Kuppa
  5. Felicias
  6. Starbucks
  7. Dunkin Donuts
  8. Mc Donalds
  9. Buglas
  10. O’Hotel
  11. Business Inn
  12. Miren
  13. C’s
  14. Calea
  15. Bascon Cafe
  16. Seattle’s Best in Manila
  17. Organic Restaurant
  18. Museum Cafe

Hmmm… I am still thinking of places where I can have coffee and chill that I may not have listed. Any suggestions of the best coffee bars in Negros?


So far, I love the chill atmosphere in Buglas and Starbucks. The fastest wi-fi connection can be found at Filrus and the laidback ambiance of Piettro, Felicias and Kuppa. Coffee love… indeed. The best way to distress is to chill alone and think things over while sipping the best macchiatto or frappe ever! 🙂

Happy end of February to Me! ♥

Time to celebrate… February is soooo over. Month of hearts is finally over, I am so back to being happy! 🙂

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